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Vivek Kundra, First CIO of the United States, is Featured Keynote at the World BPO/ITO

Alsbridge Inc., to be key sponsor and contributor to the event

The World BPO/ITO Forum, taking place in New York, NY on July 17 - 18, 2013 is an executive gathering of forward-looking thought-leaders such as, Ben Trowbridge, founder and CEO of sourcing, benchmarking and telecom advisory firm, Alsbridge, Inc.,  who will share valuable insights on current technology innovations and trends, as well as facilitate important discussions on growth strategies and related operational issues and challenges currently being faced in developing and/or managing successful global sourcing arrangements.

As the nation’s first CIO, Vivek Kundra, will be the featured keynote presenter at the forum.  Vivek Kundra was faced with the tremendous challenge of leading the federal government’s information technology bureaucracy at a time when cutting costs, increasing efficiency and driving innovation was of paramount importance. Having managed the $80B federal technology budget, Kundra’s efforts yielded significant progress in transforming the way technology is purchased and managed by bringing best-in-class private sector solutions to solve massive public sector inefficiencies. The result has been a highly transparent, efficient and accountable environment focused on making systems and information useful and valuable to the public.

In this keynote presentation, titled ‘Leading Change and the Challenges of Transformation’, Vivek Kundra will share his experience leading change across the world’s largest consumer of information technology—the U.S. government—and the lessons every organization can use when leading a transformation in a change-averse environment.

Themed ‘Smartsourcing: Leveraging Collaboration & Innovation’, the Forum will provide a peer-to-peer group educational agenda and influential networking atmosphere for top executives currently using BPO (business processing outsourcing) and/or ITO (IT outsourcing) services, as well as the opportunity to meet with the top service providers and a broad scope of international representatives from all corners of the globe.

In the words of Professor Robert B. Reich, one of the world's leading thinkers about work-force and the economy, and the World BPO/ITO Forum’s 2012 featured keynote, “The standard of living of Americans, as of the citizens of any nation, depends ever more on the value they add to an increasingly integrated global economy, than it does on the profitability of corporations headquartered there."

“Companies are re-thinking their offshoring strategies – as the global cost labor arbitrage is narrowing” says Kartik Kilachand, CEO & Co-Founder, The World BPO/ITO Forum.  “Reshoring” seems to be the new buzz word – bringing jobs back to America. KPMG even announced the ‘Death of Outsourcing’ in a research paper last year. However, the stark reality is that the developed countries will have to compete hard on factors beyond labor costs – most important will be the local availability of high-end skills; work-force re-training; supply chain management & worker flexibility. ” explains Mr. Kilachand.

“Global sourcing has become a strategic tool that can empower businesses to take on new competition. This exclusive forum provides opportunities to interact, learn and share issues, challenges and solutions from some of the world’s leading thought leaders on the economic, political and technical impact of global sourcing,” states Jim Noble, Chairman, World BPO/ITO Forum and former SVP, Talisman Energy.

Alsbridge, Inc., is a key sponsor and contributor to the BPO/ITO Forum. Alsbridge founder and CEO, Ben Trowbridge, will moderate a panel on, “The Impact of Cloud on BPO: Reality or Hype?” from 2:20 – 3:20, Wednesday, July 17th.
For more information, or to register for the event, visit www.worldbpoforum.com.

About The World BPO/ITO Forum:
The World BPO/ITO Forum conference is in its sixth year, and getting closer to its aspirations to become the "Davos" of global strategic sourcing. The conference offers a "one stop shop" for C-executives at mid- to large-sized companies to hear from speakers who can offer best practices in global sourcing, to meet with top global service providers, and meet representatives from established & emerging countries.

About Alsbridge:
Alsbridge provides world class sourcing advisory and benchmarking services for the CIO, CFO and CPO.  We’ve helped hundreds of companies reduce costs and get more value from their vendors.  Our experienced consultants leverage proprietary tools and information databases to identify and engage the optimal vendors for your situation, negotiate best practice terms at fair market prices, and improve the way you work with your vendors.  Alsbridge clients utilize the most cost effective and value added sources globally for IT infrastructure services, hardware and maintenance, network services, software and maintenance, application support and development, business processes and cloud services. Alsbridge was ranked the #1 outsourcing advisor in the world by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) based on the value delivered to clients.  This commitment to delivering value to our clients has made Alsbridge a distinguished member of the 2010 Inc. 500 fastest growing privately held companies in America.