Salt Lake City 6/5/2013 8:40:14 AM
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Is it too Late to Mulch your Yard this Year?

Every home owner wants a beautiful yard. However, the truth is that a beautiful yard takes some work. There are a few things you must do to achieve and green and clean landscape. Mulching is an important part of outdoor maintenance. If you want healthy, beautiful landscaping you need to mulch.

What is Mulch?

Mulch is a material you add to your soil to protect and improve the area. Organic, or natural, mulch can be made from grass clippings, leaves, wood chips, and bark. When it comes to organic mulch, wood chips and bark are the most common form used. Organic mulch is a popular choice because of its many benefits. The nutrients it adds to the soil are a big selling point for those who choose organic mulch.

Inorganic materials can also be used as mulch. Some of the popular types are lava rock, pee gravel and rubber. These forms of mulch do a great job of holding down weeds and locking in moisture.

Why would I Mulch?

Adding mulch to your yard keeps water from evaporating quickly. This means more water is actually going into your plants instead of into the air. It is the best way to conserve water in the soil and keep your lawn and plants hydrated. Mulch is also known for discouraging weed growth. It keeps weeds down and protects the soil.

When Should I Mulch?

Ideally, you start out your landscape maintenance in the spring with spring cleaning. When you weed, clear out a little of the old mulch and properly cut the grass around the beds. As the weather warms up, which usually happens around May, you prepare the beds and follow with laying mulch. You want mulch in the beds for the entire season.

Sometimes we are a little behind on our yard maintenance and decorating. If the month of May has gotten away from you, don’t worry. There is still plenty of warm weather, watering of plants and plant growth in store. Any time in the summer is not too late to mulch. Even if your plants have gone through a few weeks or even a month or two of summer without the help of mulch, you can still apply it.

How Much?

When you get ready to mulch, do a little measuring. Find out the square footage you need to cover. Then, you need to brush up on your math skills and determine the amount of mulch you need to cover the area with 2-4 inches of mulch. If there is a lot of old mulch, clear a little out to keep mulch from bringing negative effects on your plants.