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Rural Marketing firm wins 2013 BMW Foundation Young Leaders Award

Gaurav Mehta, Founder and CEO of Project Dharma, was named winner of the 2013 BMW Foundation Young Leaders Awards at the Munich Economic Summit.

Established in 2009, Project Dharma is a social enterprise that has created a unique model to empower rural Indian households with affordable products and services that enhance their lives. Project Dharma creates and trains entrepreneurs in low-income communities who create a rural distribution network for socially relevant products such as solar lights, fortified drinks, water purifiers and clean cook stoves. Project Dharma currently operates out of 5 states in India with a network of over 2,500 village-level enterprises.

The BMW Young Leaders Awards are made to those who address social issues through innovative high-potential initiatives that can become sustainable in the mid-to-long term.

Mr. Gaurav Mehta, Founder and CEO, Project Dharma said, “I am honored and humbled that such a grand, international forum has found our cause tenable and worthy of this recognition. It remains my endeavor to expand the reach of Dharma in order to generate more livelihoods at the base of the pyramid.”

Project Dharma shared the award with GreenHeat (Ghana), E3 (China) and The New American Leaders Project (USA).

Project Dharma -

Project Dharma / Gajam India Private Limited serves the needs of rural households at the Bottom of the Pyramid by creating a rural distribution network providing customized products and services sold at a socially affordable price point.

The company provides income generation opportunities for rural entrepreneurs and consumers in order to generate sustainable livelihoods at the rural level. Currently, Project Dharma has about 2500 Village-Level Entreprises in Maharashtra, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Rajasthan.

The company was founded in September 2009. Project Dharma works in partnership with the Shell Foundation.

About BMW Foundation –

The BMW Foundation inspires and supports people to work for the common good and for a society that is capable of meeting the challenges of the future. To this end, the BMW Foundation engages in cross-sector collaborations with partners across the globe. Searching for innovative solutions in politics, business and society the work targets international leaders. As influential opinion makers with a wealth of experience, they can make an important contribution to a society based on solidarity. On the one hand, they can consider the social impact of their professional activities; on the other, they can leave their “silos” behind and embrace a more civic-minded attitude. The BMW Foundation helps leaders to utilize their skills and networks in the form of pro-bono or philanthropic engagement, to cooperate with civil-society organizations, or to assume political office. 

About BMW Foundation Young Leaders Awards

The BMW Foundation Young Leaders Awards recognize Young Leaders who chart new paths and who start and develop exemplary initiatives for the common good in their professional or private lives. The awards are given in recognition of the personal commitment and individual effort to make a change! The BMW Foundation will provide long-term assistance to these initiatives and organize support through its Young Leaders Network and partners.