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Two 77 Year-Old Men Hit a Home Run for Charity with New Baseball App

Two creative 77-year-olds stay in the game with their new “Be the Batter™” Mobile Sports App and donate a generous 25% of company’s gross funds to charities. The free baseball and softball App game for iPhone and Android offers an easy way to donate funds generated by the game player’s clicks on pop-up ads.

The field of dreams is wide open for two 77 year old men who are back in the game with their new business venture, BeThe Sports, LLC, Mobile Sports Applications™. Exploring new territory with their first Android and Apple iPhone App, “Be the Batter™”, the enthusiastic pair put their heads together for the free baseball and softball App game which allows players to test their skills and luck in predicting how well the batter will perform.

Ken Tuch’s career in marketing and sales spanned 40 years and he relishes the excitement of creating something new and useful with his skills. Bob Haddad, the creative side of the production team, has enjoyed a career during the pinnacle of print advertising and he too admits the creative juices are flowing with the endless possibilities that "Be The Batter™"sparks.

Endless possibilities indeed! Be the Batter™ was created with the foremost idea of providing ways for the average person to easily help deserving charities. The duo developed an advertising program that spreads the news of the new sports game App and donates a generous 25% of the company’s gross revenue to a selected group of non-profit 501c3 charitable organizations.

“It’s free, fun and fundraising,” states Tuch. “All it takes are clicks on the ‘pop-up’ ads which appear when you log on to play “Be The Batter™” to generate funds for several wonderful organizations!”

He adds, “It’s an easy way to contribute to the well-being of others. You don’t need to have funds of your own; the money comes from the advertisers. As you click on ads that interest you and stay informed about new products and services, you’ll also be creating donations for selected charities.”

Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California was the first of the charities chosen that will benefit from consumers who play the Be The Sports, LLC Mobile Sports Applications™ games and click on the ads. Tuch states, “It feels great to think we have created something that will contribute to the RIFSoCal efforts and their high rate of success in stimulating reading in young people.”

Other 501c3 organizations on board as of this release are Reading Is Fundamental in Chicago; Generation Rescue, Shane’s Inspiration, and the United Cancer Advocacy Action Network. Charities interested in participating may contact Tuch via the website,

Easy and fun, “Be the Batter™” adds another layer of excitement to the grandstand. Players aren’t betting against the team, they are predicting what the batter is going to do, no matter which team, and points are earned on that. One App game player commented, “It was great fun, and I think I saved a few calories playing the App game instead of stuffing down hot dogs!”

Any softball or baseball game is fair game for the fun - it adds to the entertainment! Whether the App player is watching professional or youth games live in the stands or on television, he can become part of the action with this simple and easy to play game. Haddad exclaims, “It’s a game within the game!”

The concept for "Be The Batter™" began two years ago when Tuch and Haddad would meet on the putting green to toss around ideas. As excitement grew over the project, the pair began to meet regularly, five mornings a week at what they laughingly refer to as “the green room”. The dream grew and when they had completed all aspects of the design, they hired a programmer to make it happen. The "Be The Batter™" App will be soon available in several additional languages including Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

For these two aging ad men, the project has breathed new purpose into their lives. Tuch states, “There’s the excitement of creating something new in an arena that didn’t exist during our former careers, knowing that our creative minds aren’t just ‘going to waste’. Like the proverbial ‘fish out of water’, Bob and I jumped into the world of designing applications; a young man’s game. It’s a different world, a new industry with new rules."

He adds, "With the excitement of the accomplishment, we’ve proven to ourselves that, although we may be too old to play on the field, we’re still in the game…in fact, we ARE the game! We have a great team, a great concept, great artwork and design. Add all this to the idea that after forty years of selling things to people, we have a chance to really give something back today, the feeling is indescribable!”

About Be The Sports, LLC™:
BeThe Sports, LLC™ is the creative brainchild of Ken Tuch. Starting with a prediction baseball and softball App, “Be the Batter™” for Android and iPhones, he and partner Bob Haddad plan to bring free fun and fundraising to sports enthusiasts around the world. Players from ages 5 to 105 who click on ads as they enjoy the games along with year round sports events will automatically contribute to the company’s donation of 25% of their gross revenue to a selected group of 501c3 non-profit organizations