Atlanta 6/7/2013 4:27:29 AM
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Mexican Soldiers Free Over 150 Migrants From Kidnappers

Mexican authorities rescued more than 150 migrants that were being held for ransom in Tamaulipas, a northeast state that borders the United States, after receiving an anonymous tip about their location. The migrants were kidnapped last month as they tried to enter Texas.

"The victims said that they had the intention of entering the United States of America, but they were held against their will while a suspected criminal group contacted their families by phone and demanded different sums of money that were sent to their kidnappers," says Interior Ministry spokesman Eduardo Sanchez.

The 165 migrants were being held in a one story house in Gustavo Diaz Ordaz. When Mexican soldiers arrived on Tuesday, a 20-year-old man was guarding the group. The man was detained and remains in custody of Mexican authorities. Drug cartels often kidnap migrants, but authorities have not said if a cartel is suspected in this case.

According to Sanchez, 14 Mexican nationals and one person from India were among those rescued. The other 150 people are from Central America.


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