Beverly Hills 6/8/2013 5:12:37 AM
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KUBA Ka - STOP FEENIN' - The Smash New Record Produced by Sean Garrett (Producer of Beyonce, Usher, Nicki Minaj)

KUBA Ka has recently made history in the studio with ultimate hit maker Sean Garrett; once again Sean has produced his magic incorporating the vision of the KUBA Ka.

STOP FEENIN' - possibly the best song in Sean Garrett's career, which Sean created for new ultimate entertainer - KUBA Ka, who was discovered in US by Michael Jackson's manager - Frank Dileo! Single premieres on June 11th at BUNGALO Records/ UMGD.

Sean Garrett is responsible for the creation of sounds on many of Beyonce, Nicky Minaj and Usher’s hit records. Now he decided to make a first single from KUBA Ka's first US album - KING OF THE NIGHT. Sean not only created a song with KUBA, but he made a musical experience, which he thinks will be the best introduction of mega scale new talent - KUBA Ka.

KUBA Ka is a grand style entertainer, he comes from childhood and teenage career in Poland, where he was performing with superstars like OSCAR winning actress - Vanessa Redgrave. Also he was involved with charity projects of UNITED NATIONS, UNICEF and Queen Elizabeth II's RSPCA. Today he is getting ready his US debut album, but not only. Also he puts together the mega show for the album, with army of biggest choreographers - Dave Scott (Chris Brown, STEP UP 2), Laurieann Gibson (Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj) and B-boy Crumbs (Justin Timberlake).

“I can see his dedication, and can connect with the vision that KUBA has. We are going to build an epic entertainment experience that has been a dream of his for a very long time.”
– Laurieann Gibson

It was a long journey for KUBA to move his career to Los Angeles, but this boy made it right and big! His talent and vision convinced the best people in entertainment business, and finally his masterpiece first single is going to show what was designed as new WOW in pop music!

KUBA is making a song's sneak peek on his performance at Janice Dickinson's Fashion Night at Vignette in West Hollywood, on June 8th. The official Celebrity Premiere Party of STOP FEENIN' takes place at Page 71 in Los Angeles on June 11th, hosted by VH1's star Vikki Lizzi and DJ Serafin!

You can check STOP FEENIN' on: