Middletown 6/11/2013 6:00:00 PM
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LeadingStockAlerts.com: Sign Up for the Free Penny Stock Newsletter that Thousands of Investors Already Use

LeadingStockAlerts.com sends members penny stock alerts and notifies them of immediate potential trading opportunities with our free penny stock newsletter. Because this service is both reliable and free, many investors and traders already use us to send them up to the minute penny stock picks straight to their inboxes. Our alerts have been known to be extremely profitable because we are constantly hunting for small cap stocks on the move.

Experienced investors and traders know that it is more beneficial to have all the news brought to them rather than search for it themselves because this means more time to focus on the right companies and buying and selling stock rather than going through pages and pages of news looking for the company with the most potential on their own. This is a waste of time, especially when there is a trustworthy and reliable company that delivers free penny stock alerts directly to your email.

We send out email alerts when we find situations like massive buying volume due to stocks being heavily promoted to investors, suspicious insider buying, unusual volume or momentum and of course, big news that just came out which could majorly change the company. In addition, the team at LeadingStockAlerts.com listens when there is heavy buzz from chat rooms, message boards or micro-cap community insiders. If it plausible, we also take into consideration any rumors that can pay off big if they materialize.

These events have been known to cause penny stocks to grow as much as 2000% or more whereas the same events would cause a large cap NYSE stock to rise somewhere around 10-30%. This is because when there is positive movement in the penny stock market the influence over the stocks is much greater and that could translate to enormous profits.

At LeadingStockAlerts.com, we are well connected to the microcap community. Everyday, we are listening, watching and waiting to find the stock with hype and excitement needed to make a huge run. When a hot penny stock has positive momentum, they can move very quickly so we are constantly monitoring the market so we can send out our free penny stock newsletter in real time.

As mentioned above, hot penny stocks with momentum move very quickly. This makes our free penny stock alerts newsletter the perfect tool for day traders who cannot afford to miss out on any profits that could be made because they did not hear the news in time. Some of our subscribers have been known to make returns, that other investors would love to make in a year, in just a day or two.

There are many investors and traders that already use our free service to receive penny stock alerts, subscribe to our penny stock newsletter to join them in reaping the benefits that are possible in the penny stock market.