Middletown 6/13/2013 6:10:00 PM
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LeadingStockAlerts.com: A Free Penny Stock Newsletter that Sends Up to the Minute News Directly to Your Inbox

Subscribing to LeadingStockAlerts.com means penny stock alerts will be delivered to your email, notifying you of immediate potential trading opportunities. There are undiscovered gem stocks that few know about but once these stocks start to get positive momentum, we send up-to-the-minute penny stock picks and news directly to your inbox.

Our alerts can be extremely profitable as LeadingStockAlerts.com is made up of highly experienced professionals who are well connected with the micro-cap market and are always listening and monitoring the market for news that could lead to enormous profits.

This is because penny stocks grow a lot faster than traditional stocks. When there is positive news affects a penny stock, there could be gains of between 100% and 2000% or more. Penny stocks often come from young companies that can grow at an extremely rapid rate, possibly having their earnings or revenues rise by 50, 100, or even over 1000% in a year. We are constantly looking for hot penny stock picks that have the hype and the excitement that a huge run requires.

Since analysts do not typically cover penny stocks, there are companies that are dramatically underpriced simply waiting to be discovered by the retail investment community. Some stocks are even so grossly undervalued, once they are discovered these hot penny stocks can make astounding gains in just one day. Although mainstream Wall Street generally looks these companies over, LeadingStockAlerts.com looks specifically for these undervalued stocks and many of our subscribers have been very successful in the long run.

Join them and the multitude of other investors and traders that have already subscribed to LeadingStockAlerts.com’s free penny stock newsletter and receive real time penny stock alerts in your email.