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Health Insurance Quotes Online

"Get Quotes, Compare Plans, and Apply Online"

Buying health insurance can be done online through various resources.  Obtaining information, getting price quotes and actually signing up for a policy can all be done via the web.  With the ease of use and availability of products to consumers through the web, comparison-shopping for health insurance quotes has never been easier.


As of March 2009, the number of people who have broadband Internet access in their home has increased to over 60% of the population according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project.  Americans are shopping for a broad range of products and services via this high-speed Internet access and there are several resources for purchasing health insurance policies.


There are some pitfalls to this easier accessibility.  There are significant risks to posting private information online, and applications for health insurance quotes will require a lot of your personal information.  Much of this information could pose a risk of identity fraud if it were to get into the wrong hands.


Since health insurance is regulated by the state that you live in, online resources may not actually reflect the number of insurance companies that might be available to you given your geographical location.  Much of your time may be wasted applying to insurance companies that are not actually allowed to do business in your state.


One of the first steps to buying health insurance is to find a professional, licensed broker that can advise you appropriately given your individual needs and the regulations of your state.  Finding a good broker is also a process that can be done online.


When you purchase health insurance through a group plan, that plan is typically sold by an agent or broker who administers a group plan with an employer, civic group, or club.  The net result then is the same if you choose a group health insurance plan instead of an individual agent or broker.  You should still expect to get sound advice, and cost savings may be had under either scenario.  In both cases, there will be a dedicated point of contact for policyholders to process claims, or answer coverage questions.


Be sure to seek out brokers or group plans that have flexible plans that can be tailored to your needs.  You should also take steps to ensure that the health insurance program you choose is accessible by telephone so that you can ask questions, and that they can respond quickly and accurately when you have concern.  Check out the websites of the health insurance companies that you are considering and make sure they are user friendly. 


As with any consumer purchase, it pays to become an educated consumer, and to heed the warnings of “buyer beware”.  As you learn more about the products you are considering and the price points associated with them, be sure to look carefully at deals that seem too good to be true.  Unscrupulous agents and brokers do exist and often lurk within search engine results.  Do your homework and get references before you sign.  The insurance department in your state will have ways to check out the authenticity of any agent or broker with whom you choose to do business.