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For the Love of Ray J reality star, Courtney Cameron, breaks out in her debut movie "Because I Love You", alongside sitcom funnyman Chico Benymon

BILU, LLC movie release through Gravitas Ventures, The Bosko Group and MVD Visual: A stripper locked in a bitter custody battle is abducted by a gang of armed robbers, and gradually falls in love with one of her kidnappers.

The Houston-based entertainment production companies, T-CAT Films, AMBITION Entertainment and iBELIEVE Enterprises releases the gritty crime drama “Because I Love You” to DVD, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and video on demand.

“Because I Love You” is helmed by acclaimed filmmaker Joseph A. Elmore Jr. With over 10 years in the industry, Elmore, an award winning writer/director began his film career as a screenwriter. His first feature was the award winning docu-drama "Water's Rising," released on DVD in April, 2007. Joseph followed up with the romantic comedy, “Speed Dating”, which won the 2010 audience choice award in the Pan African Film Festival.

Serving as executive producers are Theta Catalon, Erick Edmonds and Tonyai Palmer. They produced the crime drama alongside Elmore and Barry Strickland.

Chico Benymon (UPN’s “Half & Half” & Nickelodeon’s “The Haunted Hathaways”)
Courtney “Jaguar” Cameron (VH1's "For the Love of Ray J")
Donny Boaz (Lifetime’s “The Anna Nicole Smith Story” & VH1’s “Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story”)
Esther Baxter (video vixen and magazine model)
Billy Sorrells (Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole: Skits & Bits)
Just Brittany (R&B/Hip Hop recording artist – “Call Me 4 Dat Good”).


Becuise I Love You is the story of Cream, a beautiful young exotic dancer in the midst of a custody battle with her ex-husband Gregory. Just before she sends her daughter, Cookie, off to school Cream assures her concerned daughter that she will not lose the custody battle and will always be there for her. On the night that she decides whether she should continue on a path that has no future or fight for something more for herself and her daughter, the gentlemen’s club where she dances gets robbed and she is taken hostage by a group of thugs. Feeling like all hope is gone, it is the love of her daughter, who is waiting for her to come home that keeps her fighting to stay alive.

Because I Love You is a must see film that mixes action, crime and comedy up in a pot and feeds our movie going need for good old fashion, no holds barred entertainment. Most importantly Because I Love You is a love story in the greatest sense of the phrase. It is about unconditional love, between a man and a woman, friends, family and especially the love of a mother and her child.

Check out the official trailer: here

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