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LeadingStockAlerts.com is a financial marketing firm specializing in assisting the underserved small cap and micro cap stock community. These “penny stocks” are those selling for less that $5, and even as low as 0.01 or even less. Penny stocks are becoming more popular with investors who are realizing there is more profit to be made there. This is due to the simple fact that it is much easier for a stock to go from .30 to $1.20 than for a $30 stock to run $120.

The one problem is that these stocks move very fast, and while that allows for enormous day trading profit potential, it also means that they are hard to keep up with and if you are not in the right place at the right time, you could easily miss out on some huge gains. By subscribing to LeadingStockAlerts.com’s free penny stock newsletter, you will be notified of immediate potential trading opportunities.

Few people know about the hot penny stocks that are out there and we have made it our mission to send penny stock picks and news directly to inboxes completely free of charge. Our alerts have been known to be extremely profitable and do not take much of your day to read.

These stocks offer huge potential gains because their return can potentially be so much greater than more traditional stocks. The large cap NYSE stock maybe rise about 10-30% while penny stocks can rise anywhere between 100% and 2000%, sometimes even more. Penny stocks are not like the traditional stocks which may have reached its peak growth rate, they are more often a young company that can grow very large very rapidly given the right push.

Events that can push a penny stock up are massive buying volume due to stocks being heavily promoted to investors, believable rumors that can pay off big if they materialize, unusual volume or momentum, and undiscovered of companies with huge potential. You will read about these things and much more by subscribing to our free penny stock alert newsletter