Middletown 6/19/2013 11:50:00 PM
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LeadingStockAlerts.com: Serving the Underserved Small Cap Market with Free Penny Stock Alerts Newsletter

LeadingStockAlerts.com is a financial marketing firm that specializes in assisting the penny stock market community. We offer the investment community some of the market’s leading emerging opportunities because we are the premiere financial destination on the internet and a clear choice for today’s investors and day-traders. We use a balanced combination of industry experience and high-tech offerings to help investors and day-traders stay ahead of the curve.

It can be hard for investors to find a hot penny stock pick because too often these companies lack visibility. They are unable to raise funds needed to increase equity and liquidity and are shunned by Wall Street Institutions forcing them to look elsewhere for exposure. However, many of these companies are just waiting for the retail investment community to discover them so they can explode.

LeadingStockAlerts.com sends out a free penny stock alert newsletter detailing the penny stock companies with big upside potential because they often do not have the technology or time expose themselves to a wide range of potential investors. LeadingStockAlerts.com takes over this task sending out our newsletter directly to your inbox.

Companies that have been featured in one of our newsletters will stand out among over 20,000 public companies. These companies increase current shareholder base and investor interest and as a result of that increase the market capitalization will go up as well. These hot penny stocks are out there but few know about them and they can be very hard to find without LeadingStockAlerts.com’s free penny stock newsletter.