Stamford 6/19/2013 10:23:20 PM
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Splash Car Wash, in Partnership With Greenwich Infiniti, Awarded Its Sixth Wash It & Win Contest Winner With Brand New 2013 G37 Convertible

Splash Car Wash, with 16 locations in Connecticut and New York, made Stacey Hobson’s day by giving her a brand new 2013 Infiniti G37 Convertible, as more than 80 people looked on and cheered. The beautiful black car was the prize in Splash’s Wash It & Win contest, which gathered together 48 key winners at Greenwich Infiniti to try their luck at starting the car.

48 finalists have been drawn at random in all Splash Car Wash locations three weeks prior to the awarding, for a chance to win a two year lease on the car, hundreds of dollars in Splash services and gift cards from Hawley Lane Shoes. Greenwich Infiniti, Splash’s partner in the contest, hosted the event, which included great food and music courtesy of WFOX FM 95.9, a radio station broadcasting Classic rock music. WFOX FM Radio DJ Peter Bush, emceed the event with live updates reported on air.

Splash Car Wash Co-Founder Chris Fisher called out the key winners as he picked them out of a rotating cylinder. One by one each contestant tried to start the car until Stacey Hobson from West Haven, pushed the start button only to hear the engine turn over. With a roar from the crowd and the Stones playing “Start Me Up” in the background, Hobson was crying tears of joy as her boyfriend leapt around the car.

Fisher added, “This is the sixth car Splash has given away, but I think this was the most exciting! There’s nothing more thrilling than hearing that car turn over, especially after so many people tried to start it. And what a car – that G37 convertible is really awesome!”

Splash Car Wash is entering its 33rd year in business having started with a single location in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1981.