Los Angeles 6/22/2013 3:18:04 AM
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Custom Car Docks Announces the Launch of the DockNstore, an iPhone Car Docking Station Built Specifically for the Apple iPhone and the iOS7 Application With Siri

Apple’s resent announcement of their iOS7 which includes Siri voice recognition for the iPhone can now be fully utilized in the car by using Custom Car Docks' (http://www.customcardocks.com) newly announced iPhone Car Docking Station known as the DockNstore.

Apple demonstrated its new iOS7 with Siri last week at their WWDC 2013 show. iPhone user have been reluctant to use their phones in their cars due to safety reasons and many states now have laws prohibiting the use of hand held phones in cars. A simple yet ingenious iPhone car docking station, the DockNstore, makes using Apple’s advanced voice application and integrated iOS7 feasible now allowing for a true hands free environment. One of the major features of the DockNstore is the audio chambers enabling drivers to hear and transmit clearer commands. This allows the driver of the vehicle to concentrate on driving and not on holding onto a phone. Asking Siri to make calls, find gas stations or give directions, is now possible and best of all its hands free.

"DockNstore allows a driver to clearly and safely communicate with Siri thereby tapping into the strength that the iPhone and Siri brings to the car," said Dave Carreon of Custom Car Docks. “When buying a new car why pay $3,000 to $8,000 to add voice and navigation to our car when Apple provides better technology in our iPhones.” In the new iOS7 Apples has tightly integrated and enhanced the navigation, radio, texting, email, voice and many other items at no additional cost.

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software Eddy Cue introduced to a packed house at the WWDC 2013 numerous advanced features of the new iOS7 and Siri. Through voice commands Siri can make a call, send a text, talk about sports, find a local movie, and launch various apps on the iPhone. However, Apple is waiting for car companies to adopt the Siri Eyes Free technology, which could take years to fully implement. With the DockNstore, iPhone users will not have to wait for Detroit to integrate Apple technology into a car. Nor do they have to spend $30,000 to have Apple technology in their car. They have most of what they need in their current iPhones and even more in the new software being release this fall by coupling it with the DockNstore.    

DockNstore was designed to accomplish four major functions in a single unit.
1)    One handed phone docking and un-docking
2)    Phone charging
3)    Audio enhancements
4)    Cable storage

Instead of fumbling with two hands to mount a phone using an old fashioned mounting devise, the DockNstore allows for one handed docking. When docked, the phone’s screen is angled properly to allow drivers to easily access their apps. Also the engineered audio chambers are positioned to allow clear and concise voice commands to go to Siri.

Another feature built into the DockNstore is a storage cup for the power cables. No longer do drivers have to worry about the cables getting tangled up with the gear shift or hanging down from the wind shield. With DockNstore, fumbling with power cables is a thing of the past. Simply by dropping the iPhone into the DockNstore the phone is automatically connected to the power cable.

Custom Car Docks will deploy units in early August. They are taking advanced orders through their website. No credit card is required and the first 5,000 applications to pre-order receive a $10 discount off the cost of the units which retails for $45.

Custom Car Dock’s personnel have extensive experience developing mobile products for companies like IBM, Panasonic, and Cisco. They believe in utilizing proven technologies, and integrating them into innovative devices. Custom Car Docks brings together a team spanning across many generational lines, allowing for an infusion of information and experiences – delivering quality, practical, and insightful solutions to their customers. For more information on Custom Car Docks, please visit http://www.customcardocks.com