Middletown 6/29/2013 9:30:00 PM
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LeadingStockAlerts.com: Penny Stock Alerts that are Perfect for Day-Traders

LeadingStockAlerts.com sends out free penny stock alert newsletters to help day traders and investors keep up with the fast paced nature of penny stocks. As a day trader, you cannot afford to miss the fast paced special day trading alerts. In fact, some of our subscribers have made returns in a couple days that investors and day traders would love to make in a year and since we get paid by our investor relations, advertisers and sponsors, we are able to provide this free penny stock newsletter completely free of charge.

We focus on the penny stock market because you can make a lot more money trading penny stocks than you can with more traditional stocks. A stock on the NYSE or NASDAQ exchanges may already have reached its peak growth rate, but a penny stock is more likely to be a young company with huge growth potential given the right push. It is our job to alert you when that push is coming. We send a penny stock alert newsletter every time we notice that one of the best penny stocks is growing fast, possibly with revenues or earnings that grow by 50, 100 even 1000% rapidly.

We immediately alert our subscribers when there big changes on the horizon. We look, listen and learn of stocks being heavily promoted to investors, breaking news, heavy buzz in chat rooms and even some rumors. These events don’t mean much in terms of large NYSE stock, but when it comes to penny stocks news like these are game changers for companies.

As a day-trader, subscribing to our free penny stock alerts newsletter can open you up to enormous profit potential. Some of our subscribers have made returns in just a day or two that investors and day traders would love to make in a year.