Middletown 7/8/2013 11:30:00 PM
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LeadingStockAlerts.com Sends Emails for Penny Stocks Set for Massive Gains

LeadingStockAlerts.com is a free penny stock alert newsletter that sends emails on stocks that look to run high directly to your inbox. This service is especially perfect for day traders because the fast moving nature of penny stocks allows for enormous day trading profit potential. Many of our subscribers have made huge gains and returns in just a day or two that other investors would love to make in a year. The percentage gains in the penny stock market is so much better than traditional markets because a penny stock can go from .01 to .10 much easier than a large cap NYSE stock could increase the same percentage points.

LeadingStockAlerts.com is always on the lookout for game changing news like massive buying volume, stocks that are being heavily promoted to investors, news that could majorly change the course of a company or even rumors that could payoff big should they materialize.

We follow the penny stock market because the gains that are to be made there are so much better than in large cap markets. While the aforementioned news would cause NYSE stocks to rise only about 10 to 30%, if that, the same news would cause penny stocks to increase as much as 2000% or more. Since we are so well connected to the micro-cap market, we are in the perfect position to listen to find which stock has the hype and excitement needed to make a huge run.

Hot penny stocks with positive momentum can rise quickly and due to the fast moving nature of the penny stock market there are huge gains to be made. You simply need to be in the right place at the right time and that is what LeadingStockAlerts.com is all about. Subscribe to our free penny stock alerts newsletter to receive alerts immediately when we discover penny stocks that are looking to run high and since analysts do not generally cover penny stocks. There are an unknown number of undiscovered gem companies out there waiting for the the time to make a big run.