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The “DONATELLI TURBINES” – The FOURTH New Science Terminology Phrase Coined by Dante A. Donatelli Jr., that ONEGIFT4POWER Owns and Controls.

ONEGIFT4POWER, in the continuing effort to educate those who may  want to join us, (as we are presently in our one and only fund drive and need financial help,) to Help GOD with returning his pristine Earth back to HIM, Help the World with an original, best energy and fuel, Help the Contributors with an offer than is unprecedented,  and Help America with a cheaper, cleaner and safer electrical energy by eliminating the dirty and unsafe electrical generating plants, and furnish a cheap, clean and safe fuel for all Electric Auto’s, about the New Science and Power Plants we own and control,  presents the following.
This is the THIRD of a series of Eight disclosures. It contains some 1287 words, and takes about 8 minutes to read.  If ANYONE wants to know the truth about a profound, much needed by Earth, 1807 ENERGY and FUEL, from an 1856 ENERGY SOURCE, a New Science which now exists on Earth, as relates to the 1807 ENERGY discovery, AND then wants to contribute to ONEGIFT4POWER, he or she must read this.
Why are these terminology explanations given?  Simply because, discovering what Dante A. Donatelli Jr. did, wasn’t as impossible as most cynics in engineering and science believe. 
In fact, once Dante got past a few barriers, he succeeded in 1964, THEN, the entire picture opened up, and today “SOLID-POWER” is here, and we own and control it.  Plus, if something is impossible, by scientific standards, why can one coin phrases about something that cannot be achieved? 
Think about this a while.   There had to be Old Science, so the New Science could be discovered, new words to explain this New Science, and THEN,…SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS is made.  If this wasn’t the case over the centuries, we would still be living in caves, eating raw meat.
Every POWER PLANT using matter in motion, as HYDRO-POWER and WIND-POWER MUST have a way to extract the energy and power that the matter in motion develops.
In the HYDRO-POWER process there are two main turbines.  One is called the “Francis Turbine”, and it is specially built to accept the energy and power from any horizontal development of same.  The Hoover Dam uses 17 Francis Turbines.  The second type is called the Pella Turbine, and this is used in any vertical development of energy and power.  Niagara Falls uses these turbines, as the water drops from the top.
One key thing about both these, (and this is very important,) is the centerline of the turbine allows all blades to be lined up one after the other, near 90 degrees to the flow of energy and power thus receiving the constant flow of water.
In the WIND-POWER process, turbine blades are also used.  We have not found any name of such however, maybe because they are so new, but in any case, they are slightly twisted forms of long steel or other material, and the centerlines are 45 degrees or there abuts facing the energy and power flow of the wind.
Now, when Dante discovered “SOLID-POWER”, (read February 20, 21 News Release, the SECOND one of EIGHT terminology explanations, and you will understand what “SOLID-POWER” is,), and was in the beginning of 1964, he realized he could develop the 1807 energy and horsepower power of 1780, with the discovery of kinetic energy in 1856, BUT he needed a way to extract that which he could develop.
His turbines do NOT resemble the other two.  He had to invent a different EXTRACTION DEVICE for every one of the TEN Power Plants he has invented in his 44 years with the Technology, and the extraction device had to be as good, operate as cleanly, and extract all that can be extracted, as HYDRO and WIND-POWER do.
As a grouping, he calls them the “DONATELLI TURBINES”.
NOW, as relates to the centerline of the “turbine” devices, THEY EACH, EACH “BLADE” SO TO SPEAK, HAS IT’S OWN CENTERLINE.  In the others, the centerlines line up, of all the blades, BUT in “SOLID-POWER” the centerlines of all development and extraction. Do not line up in all of the devices.
Being TEN different turbines, it is impossible to explain all, but for this News Release, one has to only accept that ANY turbine device of “SOLID-POWER has to be totally different, as particles of matter do not flow, THE ENTIRE VOLUME of SOLID MATTER MOVES, IN A FLUID FLOW SITUATION.
In HYDRO, VOLUMES of fluid flowing particles develop energy and power, and in WIND-POWER, particles of flowing VOLUMES of particles of AIR develop the energy and power. 
This is about all we can state concerning this group of devices that extract energy and horsepower from solid matter in motion, VOLUMES of particles, all stuck together in one or the other shape, size and weight, because ALL matter weighs differently.
Feathers would be useless in SOLID-POWER.  Lead, however, is the cheapest and best, IF ALL THE ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS ARE MET, as each shape desired, according to the weight needed, can be encased in heavy plastic,  much like heavy body builders weights are encase,) completely covered jackets and NO LEAD PARTICLES will dissipate, thus it can be used safely.
If need be, steel shapes, (steel weighs some 425 pounds per cubic foot, lead weighs some 725 pounds per square foot,) can be used, except many more of them are needed, and in “SOLID-POWER” Power Plants, speed can make up the difference of less weight, ergo the same energy and power extraction can be developed.
AND, if one needs other solid matter objects, CONTAINERS OF ROCKS, DIRT and STONE can be used, as CONTAINERS OF THESE, ARE VOLUMES, but not as easily controlled as steel or lead shapes, BUT, NONE-THE-LESS just as good, as far as weight is concerned.
The scientific, factual history of Old Science, (something that today’s cynical engineers and physicists CANNOT challenge, history,) reveals the following:
In 1807, Thomas Young, discovered there was “work-stored-within” inanimate objects.  He called this work-within ENERGY a Greek word meaning the same.
The facts also bare out, that POWER was discovered in 1780, some 27 years before ENERGY was discovered.  This is important, as POWER is more important i8n any Power Plant, than ENERGY USED to develop the POWER.  In fact, NO SCIENTISTS KNOWS THE TRUE ENERGY USED and/or DEVELOPED IN/AT or ON  THE HOOVER DAM, HYDRO-POWER process, BUT POWER is known of, as the rating of the Hoover Dam OUTPUT, is rated in HORSEPOWER.  Yes, the rating that the electrical generators is rated in, is MEGA WATTS, over 2080 being developed each second by the unknown ENERGY but known over 2.1 MILLION HORSEPOWER.
THIS 1807, inanimate object energy, WAS THE FIRST, PUREST, ORIGINAL ENERGY EVER DISCOVERED.  The cleanest, safest and in most case the cheapest, as well.
Dante uses OBJECTS in MOTION, by way of the Old Science “Classical Mechanics”, and did in fact, re-discover this 1807 discovery, in 1957, by accident!
But, isn’t that the way of most great discoveries.  A genius, thinker or just an intelligent human, sees something.  He or she asks questions.  Then he or she goes about inventing something, and by accident, stumbles on something very different.
The “DONATELLI TURBINES”, the New Science coined phrase for energy and power extraction from solid matter in motion, will go down in history, as another great discovery by Dante A. Donatelli Jr.
We, however, own and control it today!     
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