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Jameson Stanford Resources (JMSN) Finds Footing in 3 Niche Markets with Promising Project Portfolio

MissionIR would like to highlight Jameson Stanford Resources Corp. (OTCBB: JMSN), a metals and minerals exploration, development, and production company focused on the acquisition and consolidation of mining claims and mineral leases. The company is currently engaged in exploration and development activities in connection with two high-grade copper, gold, silver, and base metals properties, located in historic mining districts in Beaver County and Juab County, Utah.

In the company’s news,

Jameson’s current mining claims and mineral properties have been determined to have aggregate inferred reserves exceeding $10 billion of gross value at current market prices, covering 3 niche markets.

The life of these mines are limited by their mineral reserves, and as such, Jameson’s strategy is to continually replace and expand its reserves through the exploration of existing mining claims and mineral leases to spur continued production and growth.

The company has positioned itself within three niche markets in the mining and metallurgy business:

Copper Ore Concentrates with Precious Metal Component – Hard rock mineralized material will be drilled, blasted, excavated and hauled, then crushed and classified to customer specifications. The company will deliver this product utilizing truck and pup combos for local deliveries, and rail for regional deliveries.

Mined Mineral Concentrates – Finely divided particles from hard rock mining and recovery operations containing significant enrichments of silver and gold will be upgraded by gravity concentrating methods to contain a minimum 3,000 grams of precious metals per ton of concentrate. Mineral concentrate products are dried, bagged, and shipped to customers.

Refined Precious Metals – During 2013–2014, Jameson plans to develop a refining capacity for up to two tons per day of selected precious metals concentrates from its mining and recovery operations. Precious metals concentrates containing greater than 50 percent combined silver/gold mixture will be further concentrated, refined, separated, and manufactured into bar and ingot product.

Jameson operates within these niches through three main projects.

The Star Mountain & Dugway Minerals project, which consists of 117 lode mining claims, and four metalliferous mineral lease sections located in the Star Mountain range, Star Mining District, in Beaver County, Utah. The company estimates total inferred reserves at the Star Mountain site may ultimately involve more than 100 million metric tons of copper ore, plus additional precious and base metals.

The Spor Mountain & Dugway Minerals project, which consists of nine lode mining claims and three metalliferous mineral lease sections located in Juab County. Jameson estimates that total inferred reserves at the Dugway Minerals site may ultimately involve more than 4,000,000 ounces of silver, commercial concentrations of beryllium, and other precious and base metals.

The Ogden Bay Minerals project is a developing mineral excavation project on federal protected wetlands, canals, and river systems across 25 square miles of land area known as North Delta, located in West Ogden, Utah. The company estimates that this project may produce up to approximately 100,000 metric tons of silica product per year.

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