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When Party Planning Goes Social

The summer is upon us and it is time to pull out the barbeque grill and start planning the next get together.  For many of us, the planning of an event is overwhelming. Just the thought of arranging the party and coordinating the guests can be discouraging.  With the launch of a new social website, planning your next party just got much easier. 

When it comes to planning an occasion there are many challenges, from guest list management and RSVP tracking, to finding a way to get guests to pitch in.  Furthermore, the host has limited   ability to effectively collect photos and videos from the party guests.

Ejovo makes planning a party, a fun and easy experience.  Ejovo streamlines the event from "start to finish" with powerful and incredibly easy to use event planning and social guest coordination tools, whether you are planning a cook out with friends, anniversary or birthday party.

Ejovo kick starts the up-coming event by giving the party host powerful planning tools, such as sending stylish free invitations by email, allocating party tasks among guests, and coordinating rides or anything else that is needed.  Ejovo keeps the host, as well as the guests, up-to-date with all recent news and posts.

 Ejovo’s greatest innovation is the way it collects party photos, videos and recorded wishes from the host and guests and delivers them in a stylish digital album that can be shared with friends and family. This saves the party host lots of time and does away with scavenger hunting to track down guests' photos.

 Best of all, Ejovo is absolutely free!

 Charles Schuman, one of the founders of Ejovo, says he realized the need for a product like Ejovo while working as a stage entertainer.  He was continually approached by the hosts who voiced their frustration that planning a party was a coordination nightmare.  He found existing solutions were way too complex and offered only very limited functionality.  Charles realized that people needed a way to make the party experience easy and more enjoyable.   That is where the Ejovo solution comes in

 Ejovo is focused on the needs of both event hosts and guests and is designed with a very simple, easy to use, intuitive layout.  Ejovo is mobile accessible so you can stay on top of the event anytime and anywhere.

 If you are looking for a fun and refreshing way to plan a party online, is definitely the way to go.

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