Atlanta 7/17/2013 4:04:48 AM
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Zetas Leader Miguel Angel Treviño Morale Captured

One of Mexico’s most ruthless drug lords was captured early Monday as he was traveling outside the border city of Nuevo Laredo. Authorities identified the man as Zetas cartel boss Miguel Angel Treviño Morale. Morale, who is facing numerous charges including kidnapping, extortion, homicide and torture, is especially known for the gruesome method in which he murders his victims. The 40-year-old prefers to burn them alive in oil drums.

According to security spokesman Eduardo Sanchez Hernandez, the navy used a helicopter to track Morale’s vehicle Monday morning. "It made a maneuver that resulted in the truck stopping, and three people in the truck were apprehended by personnel on the ground who came to support the navy, which had made the detention using the helicopter," he explained.

The capture went smoothly and no shots were fired. The other two suspects with Morale have not been identified, but Sanchez said it appeared one was a bodyguard and the other was “in charge of financial operations” for the Zetas cartel. Soldiers seized $2 million from the vehicle along with eight weapons and hundreds of ammunition cartridges.


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