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Get a Stock Report on Bluforest Inc. (BLUF) from LeadingStockAlerts.com

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Bluforest Inc (OTCBB: BLUF) is a perfect example of a company that anyone can look up on LeadingStockAlerts.com and get a free stock report. BLUF has been on a steady rise over the past month with only very small daily ups and downs. The average 3 month volume for BLUF is 33,413 and by mid-day on July 17, 2013 they had already traded 33,413. This time last month their volume was 49,025.

Their mid-day high on July 17, was 1.77 with a range between 1.40 and 1.77. BLUF’s 52 week range was between 0.03 and 179.70. Their market cap as of July 17, was 151.07 million

On June 7 BLUF announced the addition of a new UK Advisor who is going to lead the company in an ever expanding market with his extensive background in the European Markets.

Another press release put out by Bluforest, Inc. on June 14 says Indigenous Amazonian People were the first indigenous people in the world to generate REDD+ credits. REDD+ stands for Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation, plus sustainable forest management.

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