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Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC.’s (Stock Symbol: RCVA) Provides Threefold Services and Solutions with PwrCor™ Technology

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC.’s (Stock Symbol: RCVA) uses its PwrCor™ Engine as a way to help large consumers and producers of power with an interest in cutting power requirements in reducing the cost of power, or improving the environmental profile of their power production, or even a combination of the two.

CSE’s strategy is to pursue multiple market approaches which minimizes adverse risk. There are three categories, infrastructure development, geothermal power and power from waste heat, that all align with existing market interest and demand and as the market becomes more familiar with CSE and what they can do more and more markets will open up.

Power from waste heat offers a dramatic competitive advantage for CSE. First, the sustainability of the technology for retrofit into just about any existing energy plant to use the low-grade waste heat in these installations to generate additional power. The technology promises to increase overall power generation efficiency and thus, potential clients have a unique and cost effective way to add overall power generation efficiency to any given project.

Geothermal Power is possibly an even more attractive way to generate power as there is really no assessment as of yet to the actual size of the low-temperature geothermal market opportunity. Best estimates place the size of the market at least around 3 times the size of the existing market, or about 20 Gigawatts in the U.S. alone and maybe as great as 10 time the existing market. CSE’s goal is to provide solutions to help companies tap into this new and, so far, totally unexploited low-grade geothermal market. Doing this can even improve the efficiency of the existing high-temperature geothermal installations by tapping into the waste heat after the primary heat cycle is complete.

Traditionally, CSE’s business has been in the area of managing infrastructure development projects for institutional clients. CSE’s specific focus has always been on non-profit entities, such as universities, hospitals and municipalities.

The PwrCor™ Engine has achieved a strong reputation as an alternative energy engine that is designed as a thermal hydraulic engine. It has very low, or even no fuel costs, no internal fuel combustion and thus produces no pollution, operates silently, and is patented in over 40 countries. For this reason the U.S. Department of Energy has given a lot of attention to the PwrCor™ Engine and the technology exactly because it is so green and efficient.

About Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC.

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC. (CSE) sees enormous potential in the more reliable, free, abundant and virtually inexhaustible, sources of “green” energy such as geothermal heat and solar heat. This also includes the easily tapped sources of energy from the heat of stranded gas and biogas combustion as well as a near infinite opportunity in the area of waste heat. CSE taps these practical and much lower-cost energy resources to dramatically improve not only the environmental impacts of a customer’s power usage but also its efficiency and cost.

Although everybody likes the idea of “going green”, few people were able to spend the money that it used to require. CSE provides a more practical alternative energy solution that can make a customer’s power generation even more efficient, and can help them tap into renewable sources and qualify them as a provider of renewable energy.