Atlanta 7/20/2013 9:30:00 PM
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Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC.’s (Stock Symbol: RCVA) PwrCor™ Engine Uses Waste Heat to Power Oil and Gas Wells

The Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC. (Stock Symbol: RCVA) PwrCor™ Engine is unique in that it is able to take advantage of the lower temperature heat that is produced as a byproduct of oil and gas production. The engine is designed to operate at very low temperatures and hot water flows allowing the Pwrcor™ Engine to produce 250kw of electrical power from 180°F water with a flow rate of 150gpm making it an effective power generating solution for the oil production industry.

Reports from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory say that there are a total of 823,000 oil and gas wells in the U.S. that produce hot water as a waste product. An estimated 25 billion barrels of hot water are produced annually by these wells which can, in turn, be used as fuel to produce up to 3 GW of clean power.

The Pwrcor™ Technology runs off of much lower heat and flows than other temperatures and thus it is able to work with more of the oil and gas wells that co-produce hot water and be able to produce more electrical power from the same resource.

This offers a significant competitive advantage for Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC which is the ability to retrofit into just about any existing energy plant. This gives the engine the ability to use the low-grade waste heat in these installations to generate additional power and by promising to increase overall power generation efficiency, the technology gives CSE a unique way to help potential clients in addition to adding overall output efficiency to any project the company may be working on.

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC. expects, as well, to bring power generation technology to independent power producers, who will be able to take advantage of the technology to improve both the output and the environmental profile of their power projects.

Waste heat is a perfect example of renewable resources and the value of tapping into the sources of waste heat is immeasurable and very economical.

About Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC.

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC. (CSE) sees enormous potential in the more reliable, free, abundant and virtually inexhaustible, sources of “green” energy such as geothermal heat and solar heat. This also includes the easily tapped sources of energy from the heat of stranded gas and biogas combustion as well as a near infinite opportunity in the area of waste heat. CSE taps these practical and much lower-cost energy resources to dramatically improve not only the environmental impacts of a customer’s power usage but also its efficiency and cost.

Although everybody likes the idea of “going green”, few people were able to spend the money that it used to require. CSE provides a more practical alternative energy solution that can make a customer’s power generation even more efficient, and can help them tap into renewable sources and qualify them as a provider of renewable energy.