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World Trader Coffee Shade Grown Coffee Offers a More Flavorful Coffee Experience

World Trader Coffee has coffee for every kind of coffee drinker. Shade grown coffees in particularly delicious because they take longer to ripen than if their beans were grown in the sun. The science behind it is similar to what makes the Jamaican Blue Mountain the “King of Coffee”. The mist of the Jamaican Blue Mountains is said to slow the growing process and therefore allow the beans to get more flavor.

Shade grown coffees work in a similar way but instead of mist, they are grown in the shade. This gives coffees like our Nicaraguan coffee, Costa Rica Peaberry coffee and the Colombian Supremo Andeano Estate coffee some of the most flavorful and delicious coffees in the world.

Our Nicaraguan coffee, for example, is a medium-bodied coffee that is full of flavor and distinctly less acidic than other coffees. The quality of Nicaraguan coffee has attracted attention around the world due to the extremely fertile soil developed by the lakes and the volcanic soil. Nicaragua produces what is called a “classic” cup of coffee because of its great body, clean flavor and balance.

Costa Rica’s Peaberry coffee comes from the La Isabela Estate is perfectly located in one of the traditional coffee regions of Costa Rica. They grow their coffee in the shade at a very high altitude. These combine to make this one of the most sought after coffees in the world. Typical of that region, the coffee produced here is mild, sweet and bright.

A major advantage of shade grown coffees is how good they are for the environment. Because coffee growing regions are tropical in nature, many have lots of trees which need to be cleared. Shade grown coffees, on the other hand, do not require the clearing of trees and thus habitats and acres of rainforest are spared.

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