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Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC. (Stock Symbol: RCVA) PwrCor™ Technology Provides Affordable Energy Solutions for Virtually any Application

The Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC. (Stock Symbol: RCVA) PwrCor™ Engine is a thermal hydraulic engine with the unique ability to use any heat source as a fuel source to run. The engine is capable of running off of solar thermal, geothermal, ocean thermal, natural gas, propane, waste heat, and more. This allows users to choose the most cost effective and affordable energy and back up energy solution.

The Pwrcor™ Engine is the lowest temperature engine, able to run off of 180°F heat no matter the source and produce an enormous amount of electricity. When compared to the Organic Rankine Cycle Technology, the Pwrcor™ Engine was produce 8 times the electrical output using the same heat source. The difference is that the ORC Technology runs of the thermal pneumatic principles whereas the Pwrcor™ Engine uses the thermal hydraulic principles making it a much more powerful engine.

The hot water enters a heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to a working fluid which has a high coefficient of expansion. This is usually liquefied CO2 which is able to expand and contract significantly based on the heat while never changing from its liquid form. This offers some environmental advantages as it has no emissions, produces no pollution and no fuel costs, and no internal fuel costs.

The Cornerstone Pwrcor™ Engine is a revolution in engineering, first it combines advanced, yet proven technology. It capitalizes on the same mechanical advantage embodied in such prosaic everyday applications as automobile brakes.

About Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC.

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC. (CSE) sees enormous potential in the more reliable, free, abundant and virtually inexhaustible, sources of “green” energy such as geothermal heat and solar heat. This also includes the easily tapped sources of energy from the heat of stranded gas and biogas combustion as well as a near infinite opportunity in the area of waste heat. CSE taps these practical and much lower-cost energy resources to dramatically improve not only the environmental impacts of a customer’s power usage but also its efficiency and cost.

Although everybody likes the idea of “going green”, few people were able to spend the money that it used to require. CSE provides a more practical alternative energy solution that can make a customer’s power generation even more efficient, and can help them tap into renewable sources and qualify them as a provider of renewable energy.