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Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC. (Stock Symbol: RCVA) PwrCor™ Technology is Simple yet Revolutionary in its Design

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC.’s (Stock Symbol: RCVA) PwrCor™ Engine is a thermal hydraulic engine that uses the physical properties of a heated fluid’s expansion to move a piston. The concept is very similar to the way mercury moves in a thermometer. This gives the engine certain environmental benefits and makes it one of the most efficient alternative energy sources in the world. There are no emissions, no internal fuel combustion and no pollution.

The core technology of the Pwrcor™ Engine is revolutionary in its design, but it combines known mechanical engineering and thermal dynamic technologies to produce mechanical energy. The technology is advanced yet fairly simple, a piston/cylinder and a heat transfer system. The engine’s design allows it to be fabricated using existing off-the-shelf components and machined parts from existing fabrication plants. It has a long functional life and its robust design allows for easy repair and maintenance.

The engine’s design allows for extreme versatility in many areas. First is that it can run on its own using virtually any heat source including, solar thermal, geothermal, ocean thermal, natural gas, propane, waste heat and virtually anything else. Second is that it can be configured to work “off the grid” as well, even in the remotest locations. It can also be used to improve the efficiency of any existing installations.

About Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC.

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC. (CSE) sees enormous potential in the more reliable, free, abundant and virtually inexhaustible, sources of “green” energy such as geothermal heat and solar heat. This also includes the easily tapped sources of energy from the heat of stranded gas and biogas combustion as well as a near infinite opportunity in the area of waste heat. CSE taps these practical and much lower-cost energy resources to dramatically improve not only the environmental impacts of a customer’s power usage but also its efficiency and cost.

Although everybody likes the idea of “going green”, few people were able to spend the money that it used to require. CSE provides a more practical alternative energy solution that can make a customer’s power generation even more efficient, and can help them tap into renewable sources and qualify them as a provider of renewable energy.