Atlanta 7/24/2013 4:00:00 AM
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Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC.’s (Stock Symbol: RCVA) PwrCor™ Engine Provides Advantages for “Green” Businesses

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC.’s (Stock Symbol: RCVA) PwrCor™ Technology offers businesses an easier way to be green. The technology that runs the Pwrcor™ Engine is unique in that it is innovative yet designed with proven and reliable technology. It produces mechanical energy using a combination of thermal dynamic technologies and mechanical engineering.

The backbone of the engine system are similar to that of an internal combustion engine. The engine contains a piston, cylinder and a heat transfer system. The piston is pushed into the cylinder by the expansion of the working fluid. The heat transfer system comprises heat exchangers, a system to circulate the heat transfer fluid, and a simple circulation controller.

This makes the Pwrcor™ Engine a great solution for alternative energy. The applications are nearly endless. The Pwrcor™ Engine can be used for a variety of different things including pumping fluids, water desalination and electricity generation. The Pwrcor™ Engine is most applicable in situations where fluids need to be pumped through a pipeline using waste thermal energy and remote sites with limited to no electrical power to those sites.

The Pwrcor™ Engine is perfect for any application as well as the environment. The Engine operates without combustion and therefore produces no pollution or other harmful emissions. It also has no secondary environmental impact and can even utilize wasted heat from existing sources. The technology’s small footprint makes it ideally suited for environmental applications as well as applications where it works with other technologies that do produce harmful emissions.

About Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC.

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, LLC. (CSE) sees enormous potential in the more reliable, free, abundant and virtually inexhaustible, sources of “green” energy such as geothermal heat and solar heat. This also includes the easily tapped sources of energy from the heat of stranded gas and biogas combustion as well as a near infinite opportunity in the area of waste heat. CSE taps these practical and much lower-cost energy resources to dramatically improve not only the environmental impacts of a customer’s power usage but also its efficiency and cost.

Although everybody likes the idea of “going green”, few people were able to spend the money that it used to require. CSE provides a more practical alternative energy solution that can make a customer’s power generation even more efficient, and can help them tap into renewable sources and qualify them as a provider of renewable energy.