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Shade Grown Coffee Available at World Trader Coffee

Help Save the RainForest with World Trader Coffee’s Shade Grown Coffee

World Trader Coffee is always trying to protect the world we live in by promoting coffee that helps protect the trees and the rainforest’s natural habitats. Shade grown coffees are often thought to taste better and so there are a lot of people that seek out these special coffees. Shade grown coffees will take longer to ripen and this length of time contributes to the complex flavors that shade grown coffees are known for.

Some of our most popular coffees are shade grown coffees that are grown in the Americas in the lower hemisphere. For example, our Nicaraguan shade grown coffee has attracted the attention of coffee connoisseurs from all over the world. The combination the shade growing process and the volcanic soil makes the quality of Nicaraguan coffee one of the best in the world. It has a full body, clean flavor and balance.

Even among Central American coffees, Nicaraguan coffee is unique because it is one of the highest grown coffees making it one of the few Central American coffees that avoids the acidity found in other Centrals.

Especially attractive to coffee connoisseurs is Costa Rican Tarrazu Coffee because of its body, acidity and sweet and spicy overtones. Often called a “classically complete” coffee, this coffee has a sweet aroma, full body and medium acidity.

The benefits of shade grown coffees are the enhanced taste as the beans mature slower in the shade allowing natural sugars time to increase and enhance the flavor of the coffee. It is also healthier than normal coffee which is second only to tobacco in amount of chemicals sprayed on it. Shade grown coffees promote a better environment and does not require the clearing of trees which helps to sustain rainforests.

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