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Alexa Ranking Shows Link My Fan at 30,571 in United States New Right Now Updates Paves the Wave

The new Right Now Status feature in Social Networking Community Link My Fan was launched July 18th, 2013 this was a Thursday evening about 10:30 P.M. E.S.T., almost a full week. Wow.

The ranking in the United States according to Alexa (owned by Amazon) is already 30,571.

With Right Now on Link My Fan providing full text indexing to search engines being the status updates posted to Link My Fan’s Right Now platform can be seen by non-members (you don’t need to sign in) allows all search engines to index every single post. Links are follow links providing viewers to see your updates and follow your link to your website, photos, Youtube or Vimeo Videos and News Releases hosted on our Link My Fan affiliate sites : and

Charlie Shikany “Social Media Guru” at Link My Fan states “The amazing thing about the new Right Now Status feature in Link My Fan is in one post I can include up to 1,000 characters, a video, a link to my website or any link I want to include, a picture or multiple pictures and my news story (hosted on Link My Fan affiliate sites).”

CTO Raymond Firth stated “ We have been adding this feature for some of our managed members account and we are starting to see the posts indexing. This has been less than one week. As more and more members utilize the platform and new members join the spidering from search engines we believe will become more frequent. This will result in organic search results driving traffic to posts on the Link My Fan Right Now page.”

To Join Link My Fan is free the site does sell traditional banner ads and offers press release distribution through its affiliate sites:, and Press Releases are distributed to over 280 publishers and tweeted to over 100,000 followers. Press Releases start at $49.95 for a single and packages are offered on a yearly subscription basis. All press releases can include up to three back links, a picture gallery and video. Once a press release is submitted and releases members can sign into their Link My Fan account and share the News release to their Right Now status. The sites share a common data base so it uses the username and password.

Link My Fan is great for everyone. The benefit to the music and film industry is obvious along with celebrities and athletes. Individual members that want to connect to businesses, other fans/friends and celebrities can do so. Interaction is critical and currently you can comment under posts and email Fans through the Link My Fan platform. Additional features will be coming online over the coming months to provide additional content options to include in one post and also more way to share your posts and interact with members and non members.

CTO Raymond Firth stated “Due to the fast growth we have been seeing in the first week according to Alexa Ranking the site below 31,000 in the Unites States we believe this is only the beginning and as we grow domestically through more and more members joining and through the organic indexing of great posts globally we anticipate phenomenal growth over the coming year.”

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