Atlanta 7/30/2013 1:20:21 AM
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New Element +Music added to LinkMyFan Social Media Content Management Platform

LinkMyFan added the element +Music, which enables members to add an audio file to the Right Now status update.  This is a fantastic feature for celebrities and artists to upload and share a music file in a Right Now Status update to their fans.  LinkMyFan's Right Now status updates is an open platform, that anyone on the web, members and non-members can view.  Each update has the ability to be shared to over 50+ social media platforms.  This is a great way for members of LinkMyFan to share the RightNow status updates viral over Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and more.  LinkMyFan's exclusive "Right Now" status platform empowers members to bring all their online content into one space to create maximum exposure and give them control over their branding online.  Different elements ranging from; the ability to post up to 1000 characters in their post, a photo gallery, video, press release in the News element, a hyperlink, and now +Music, to go in one place to give the visitor a in depth view of everything the member wants the visitors to see, hear, and view.

Right Now status updates can include:

-A +Music file of the song.

-A 1000 Character Post (About the inspiration for the album,  how excited they are to finally release the music, etc.)

-A Video from Vemeo or YouTube copy and paste the hyperlink (not the embedded video code)

-A Photo Gallery

-A News Story (Press Release hosted on the LinkMyFan or affiliated platforms WooEB, and TransWorldNews platform)

-A Hyperlink to the Artist website / or to go purchase the album

Austin Crye of Link My Fan stated "The initial feedback we are receiving from Public Relations firms is very positive. They see how the Right now platform is unique and extremely beneficial to their clients but even more importantly to the customers and fans of their clients. With the simplicity of the Right Now being able to display all of the elements in one post a customer or a fan can really find what they are looking for in one Right Now."

When sharing a Right Now status update, the LinkMyFan platform creates a SEO friendly URL page unique to the individual post.  This URL can be shared via email with a private message or viral on 50+ Social Media platforms.

The addition of the element of +Music, provides the ability to upload a MP3, MP4, and OGG file directly to the Right Now status update.  This is not limited to songs but can be used by individuals, companies, and organizations, to share their audio files to the Right Now status update platform. Members can utilize the Right Now platform to brand their business, band or personality in the most creative way imaginable now in one place.

You can view the NEW Right Now status update with +Music: at

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