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Water Treatment Experts, Avista Technologies, Introduce Chromatic Elemental Imaging Technology To Improve Membrane System Troubleshooting

(San Marcos, California) July 30th, 2013 - Imagine if scientists and researchers could quickly identify specific water treatment foulants using vivid three-dimensional color imaging. Such a process would give experts a critical diagnostic tool and facilitate the development of specific treatment chemicals.  Specialty chemical company, Avista Technologies Inc., has developed this innovative analytical technique, called Chromatic Elemental Imaging (CEI).   

Chromatic Elemental Imaging assigns a contrasting color to every element in a foulant sample to reveal their identity, location, and deposition order.  An Avista technical expert combines this data with autopsy results to resolve RO, MF, and UF fouling issues and provide treatment recommendations to restore system performance.   The innovative CEI technology has significantly enhanced the capabilities of the membrane and fiber autopsy by revealing critical data that would otherwise remain concealed.

CEI works by sending a beam of electrons across the surface of a foulant sample which interacts with inorganic elements. Since each electron has its own unique atomic shell, the particular elements’ electron emission from that shell generates a characteristic X-ray spectrum that allows it to be identified.  CEI assigns a contrasting color to each element and produces a high resolution image of their exact location and physical structure on the membrane sample.

Industry attempts to emulate CEI have failed because they rely on time consuming manipulation of SEM images with colorized mapping layers and are subject to human error.
CEI is unique in that the process itself identifies and precisely assigns a color to every element without any derived or secondary manipulation.

Avista is recognized as an industry leader in the development of premier water treatment chemicals and unique analytical methods.  All are designed to help troubleshoot and improve the performance of membrane systems and reduce operating costs through the application of state of the art diagnostic services and highly effective specialty chemicals.  Avista’s Chromatic Elemental Imagining is a revolutionary new way to support those efforts and provide water treatment plant operators with precise diagnostics and membrane maintenance solutions.

Avista Technologies uses it’s fully equipped laboratories to perform a variety of additional troubleshooting and technical support services including; membrane autopsies, foulant analysis, membrane cleaning studies, and site-specific coagulant recommendations.   On-going system data monitoring, chemical dosing support and on-site pilot studies are also available.

About Avista Technologies

Avista Technologies was founded by industry professionals with careers dedicated to water treatment and a passion and thorough understanding of membrane manufacturing, system operation, and specialty chemical formulating.  Avista continues to strengthen its global reputation as a recognized industry leader in the water treatment specialty chemical industry.

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