Middletown 8/7/2013 11:34:39 PM
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As of August 7th 2013, FREE opened at $0.20, down 0.02 from $0.22. This is slightly higher than the lowest point in their 52 week range which was $0.17. The highest point in their 52 week range is $5.80.

Their market cap is 1.02 million with a volume of 749,311. Their average 3 month volume of 917,697. There is more information on VIPStockReports.com where there is a free stock report that you can see right on the site. With this report you can see where the stock currently sits and all information necessary to make a wise decision.

In an August 5th press release, the Company announced that the agreement between Deutsche Bank Nederland N.V., the Company, several wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Company and Hanover Holdings I, LLC is effective with the deposit of $2,539,657 into an escrow account. All parties are committed and expecting a smooth execution of the transactions as per the terms of the Agreement.

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