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Enhance Your Coffee Experience with World Trader Coffee Shade Grown Coffee

World Trader Coffee has a various selections of delicious coffee categories including Rainforest Alliance coffee, Fair Trade and Single Origin, but one of our most popular is the Shade Grown coffee. Shade Grown coffee is one of those things in life that are good all around. They taste better and they are healthier for you as well as for the environment. Because shade grown coffees take longer to ripen than beans grown in the sun, the taste is stronger and flavors are more enhanced.

An example of our Shade Grown coffee products is the Columbian Supremo Andeano Estate Coffee. This coffee is grown high in the Colombian Andes, renown for its pleasant acidity and smooth finish. The shade grown process enhances the coffee’s medium to full body and the overtones which range from nutty to fruity.

Our Costa Rica Peaberry Coffee is the same way. Located on one of the oldest and classic regions of Costa Rica. It is one of the world’s most prized coffees thanks in part to its high altitude. Normally, coffees grown in the region of Tres Rios, neat the pacific coast, regularly produce coffees that are mild, sweet, and bright. With the addition of shade grown process, this coffee’s taste far exceeds regular expectations.

Shade Grown coffees are much better for the environment as well. They do not contribute to deforestation or the loss of habitats because there are no trees that need to be cut down in order to grow the coffee.

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For information on these incredible savings and on all our coffee contact us: Customer Care staff by phone at 877-303-JAVA (5282).