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Organic Coffee Beans from World Trader Coffee are a Healthy Start to the Day

World Trader Coffee is proud to present several kinds of organically grown, premium arabica coffees. All of our organically grown coffees are single origin and most are either from the Americas or Africa, but all are delicious. Each of these unique coffees are grown specifically to build a healthier life. So for a better, healthier start to the day, get World Trader Coffee’s organic coffee beans.

The perfect example of organic, healthy coffee is our Cameroon Boyo coffee from the western highlands of Cameroon. Here, West African farmers work hard to organically produce Boyo arabica coffee beans. Waking up to the intensely pleasing aroma, mellow flavor and rich full body sets this coffee apart from all others, including some of ours. With plenty of sunshine in Cameroon highlands, it’s no wonder that this coffee rises strong from the land’s rich volcanic soil.

Among the archipelago nation of Indonesia, Bali Blue Moon coffee is produced using organic coffee beans. In the 7,500 hectares of growing area suitable for growing coffee, local farmers work hard to grow Blue Moon coffee under the strict supervision of one of the 13 Subak Abians. There, high in the Kintamani highlands, atop the large volcanic plateau between 1300-1700 meters up grows coffee tree varieties like Bourbon, Typica, Erythrina, Albizia, Tangerine and Orange. Bali Blue Moon is grown under strict circumstances to make sure that it is the same high quality bag each and every single time. All fertilizers are completely and 100% organic and the use of pesticides is strictly prohibited.

Other coffees using organic coffee beans include Colombian Supremo from the Andeano Estate, Bolivia’s Colonial Caranavi Coffee and even Miss Penny’s Special Blend. No matter what, you know that each of these coffees are healthy and delicious.

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