Atlanta 8/19/2013 8:15:52 PM
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Over a Dozen Flavored Coffees Available through World Trader Coffee

World Trader Coffee offers more than a dozen flavored coffees, from Hawaiian Hazelnut to Butterscotch Toffee, to Coco- K’lua Coffee. Each one has its own unique theme and intense flavor. We even have different flavored coffees based on the different seasons. As with all of our coffees, all our flavored coffees, each is grown from premium Arabica coffee beans and all are available as regular or decaf.

One of our most popular flavored coffees is the Southern Pecan coffee. This product is southern hospitality in a cup. It has tastes of pecans and caramel and is perfect for a good morning or for after a nice dinner. The smooth, sweet taste of caramel mixed with the nutty taste of pecan makes this coffee extremely desirable and one of the most popular of all our coffee products.

Another popular flavored coffee is of course the Amaretto coffee. The sweet, smooth amaretto taste mixed with the delicious coffee taste is definitely one of the best after dinner coffees in you can have.

It is almost fall and that means that it is the perfect time to pull out the Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee. This coffee really brings out the feeling of fall and puts the smell and taste of October in your cup. Wake up every morning with a cup of this delicious flavored coffee or it accompany of slice of pumpkin pie for a delightful end to dessert.

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For information on these incredible savings and on all our coffee contact us: Customer Care staff by phone at 877-303-JAVA (5282).