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Fair Trade Certified Coffees, Help World Trader Coffee Help Small Farmers

World Trader Coffee sells all different types of Fair Trade Certified Coffee. These are coffees that are fighting to improve farming conditions. There are many farmers who have been unable to support their families because of a huge drop in the price of coffees. The Fair Trade Certification is awarded to coffees that are bought at a reasonable price from farms that are working to increase technologies and praise their farmers.

Fair Trade Certified Coffees are those that have been produced and market to a stated set of standards. Although these customers are paying a higher price for their coffee, ultimately they are helping Third World farmers support their families are farms. Fair Trade coffee is meant to give a reasonable price to the farmers who being exploited in a low-wage exploitation.

Some of our most popular Fair Trade Coffees include Colombian Supremo Andeano Estate Coffee. It is grown high on the slopes of the Colombian Andes, Colombian Supremo coffee is renown for its pleasant acidity and smooth finish. A medium to full bodied coffee with overtones ranging from nutty to fruity.

Or for a sweet, full-bodied coffee, Papua New Guinea coffee is characterized by a balance flavor, chocolate overtones and a slightly dry finish. Papua New Guinea coffee is a cousin of the world famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Not only is Papua New Guinea coffee Fair Trade Certified, but it is also organically grown, and is a very well-balanced coffee with an earthy body, sweet acidity and a complex fruity aroma.

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