Atlanta 8/28/2013 10:25:11 PM
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LinkMyFan Prepares to Launch +Element, Refer Me

LinkMyFan, coined ‘the smart phone of social media for its open platform, is preparing to launch its next +Element for members called “Refer Me.”

The Refer Me feature will be available for every member on LinkMyFan to Refer other members. Refer Me’s can be shared to other members on the LinkMyFan Network as well as to non-members via an email. The Refer Me message is sent to the member the Refer Me references for their approval. In order for a Refer Me to go live inside a member’s LinkMyFan Hub the member the Refer Me references must approve it.

Members and visitors that are reading the publicly displayed Refer Me’s can rate the person who wrote the Refer Me providing feedback to let others know how useful each Refer Me is to them.

The Refer Me is a great tool for Individuals, Sole Practitioners, Businesses, Artists, Bands, and people that want to introduce two members to one another privately can do so as well without having to post a Refer Me that displays publicly.

LinkMyFan launched the #RightNow platform on July 25th and has seen the Alexa* ranking improve to Top 16000 sites in the United States with the Refer Me +Element being added we anticipate the Alexa Ranking to continue to improve resulting in more exposure for members on Link My Fan.

[*Alexa is an Amazon company].

LinkMyFan is providing members with a content management Social Network platform that provides each member the tools they need to leverage all of their other social accounts by aggregating all of the content they want to share in one post through the LinkMyFan RightNow +Element. By bringing in the Refer Me +Element, LinkMyFan has created one more way for members to interact with one another in a positive manner by referring people to a great restaurant, yoga class, accountant, band, coffee house, theater, musician-- the list is endless. In the same way the smart phone changed the way we communicate on a mobile device; LinkMyFan bringing all of these +Elements into one platform it is changing the way we communicate on social media.

The same way the smart phone has brought everything we do now onto one device; LinkMyFan has done this for social media. Could you imagine how many things you would have to carry if the phone was just a phone? Think of all the games, coupons, pictures, videos…you would still have to carry a computer. The smart phone has put all of these things we have come to use in one device. LinkMyFan has too making it incredibly useful for reaching your target audience in a way that they can both view and interact with all of your +Elements in one post, and now they can write referrals with the Refer Me.

Be sure to activate your account on LinkMyFan and have your friends, family and customers write great Refer Me’s about you.

Link My Fan shares the same data base as and so be sure to login to Link My Fan with your same username and password, or sign up with a new account.