Los Angeles 8/29/2013 12:48:46 PM
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Snore Free Now and Candle Spas Team-Up

Los Angeles, CA, August 29, 2013 -- Snore Free Now and Candle Spas have teamed up to announce a new promotion that will give customers a 20% off discount on all Snore Free Now sleep products.  In addition to the discount, Snore Free customers that sign up for Candle Spa will get a free facial at any of the participating locations. Candle Spas is an exclusive members-only spa subscription with locations in San Francisco, Atlanta, and New York. Snore Free Now and Candle Spas want to offer their customers a complimentary facial to help rejuvenate, refresh, and relax. This co-promotion will be executed effectively by providing a service and discounted products that not only help people relax and look better, but wake up feeling refreshed and energized as well.

The common goal was to reward their existing and potentially new customers that may need a day of relaxation, to relieve stress and escape the busy demands of “Corporate America.” Snore Free Now and Candle Spas both have a customer base full of busy professionals, who will surely benefit from this promo, so the team-up was seemingly inevitable and a perfect match.  This offering will surely fill up fast as the complimentary facial will only be held for 72 hours after initial sign-up, after that it will be released to the next person in line if a reservation is not made within the given time frame.

Promotion Details

The easiest way to take advantage of this promotion is to simply visit Snore Free on Facebook and look for the Candle Spas’ promotion right on the home page. Also, you can visit Candle Spas’ website and navigate to the promotions link (http://promotions.candlespas.com/ifmc). Be sure to “Like” and follow Snore Free on Facebook as other Spa treatment offerings will be in store in the near future. Furthermore, when a customer signs up for an exclusive Candle Spas membership they get a massage or facial every month. Candle Spas does not require any contracts or commitments and customers are free to cancel at any time. Mr. Delgadillo, a valued Snore Free customer, commented on how he took advantage of this promotion. “I looked at this as a ‘Two Birds One Stone’ type deal. My wife will love me even more if I stop snoring, and I can even get her a day at the Spa for free! How could I refuse? She’ll probably think I spent a pretty-penny on that Spa Day as well, but she doesn’t have to know my little secret."

Snore Free Now and Candle Spas will ensure Mr. Delgadillo and many others with the sleep they deserve and a refreshed, relaxing complimentary day at the Spa. The Snore Free anti-snoring mouth-guard is made of BPA Free thermoplastic and will be comfortable to wear for Mr. Delgadillo and nearly any other person. The Candle Spas’ facials are done with the best ingredients on Earth. The top rated warm and kind staff will make you feel completely comfortable and in complete euphoria.

Snore Free Now and IFMC

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