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Award Winning Rec 2 Rec Company Launch Their New Social Media Campaign To Help Recruiters

Award Winning Rec 2 Rec Company Launch Their New Social Media Campaign To Help Recruiters

Soho, London, United Kingdom, August 29, 2013 -- In the year 2013 business is all about engagement and adding value to clients and customers. One such company, in the recruitment sector is doing just that. GSR2R is an award winning recruitment to recruitment agency based in Soho London who pride themselves on adding value to the clients they serve and recruiters they place. They do this byproviding  tips and ideas about being successful in recruitment while at the same time sharing their whacky sense of humour.

Social media has been rapidly growing in popularity since 2004 when facebook exploded onto the online scene. This was swiftly followed by other social networks like LinkedIn and blogging platforms like Wordpress and Twitter. Initially it was the place for the young and trendy. Fast forward to 2013 and social media has become a key business tool for any company wanting to grow their business by attracting; new clients, customers and in the case of recruiters; candidates.

The beauty of social media is that it allows companies to connect at speed with their target audience to add value and build a relationship. One such company to lead the way in the rec 2 rec recruitment sector is GSR2R.

The innovative M.D. Cheryl Wing explains more; “At GSR2R we have a strong vision for the company that is underpinned by some basic values. One of which is that we always treat our clients and candidates well and provide an impeccable service, so much so that 95% of our clients come back. This includes help with interviews, research, and developing a successful mindset. We even keep spirits high by sharing the odd joke! We have been engaging actively on Social media over the last year to do just this. For the autumn we decided to take this one step further and within a matter of days our new blog will be live where recruiters can go to access even more recruiting tips and advice.”

Professional Recruitment consultants are vital to any economy, because they help match the right candidate  with the right company that longer term fuels the economy. As the UK moves out of recession more jobs are available that well qualified recruiters are able to  match to the appropriate candidate. With more recruiters required, recruitment companies turn to professional and experienced rec to rec companies to supply their needs. And for recruiters there is always a choice that is why companies like GSR2R are preferred because of the longer term value they bring to recruiters and the companies in which they are placed.

Cheryl Wing and her team at GSR2R have a close connection with all their clients and candidates. If you would like to find out more about GSR2R and what they are up to you can find out more at their interactive website at or