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ONEGIFT4POWER, a most unlikely organization in the World,  a charitable organization, owns a GIFT of a revolutionarily new and dynamic Electrical Generating Power Plant that includes secrets held for 44 years,  secrets that Old Science states are improbable,  secrets that depend on Basic Laws of Nature, just waiting for the proper time to Introduce it to the World. 
They decided to NOT take it to the World the normal way,  stock holders, investors, or any other entity owned and controlled way,  BUT rather to raise the necessary funds to propagate, Introduce and market licenses through a charitable fund-drive. 
In this fashion, NO ONE can stop them from introducing a Power Plant that, once the initial amount of “fuel” is placed, NO MORE FUEL is needed, to the World, as WHO CAN or WILL TRY TO STOP A CHARITY, LEGALLY OPERATING, FROM HELPING AMERICANS and the WORLD? 
After all, ONEGIFT4POWER owns TWO, I. R. S. APPROVALS for TWO  CHARITABLE ACTIVITIES!  No one in the World owns two.
Besides that, THEY ONLY OWN ONE of the TEN POWER PLANTS, Dante A. Donatelli Jr. gave them, free of charge.  HE STILL OWNS NINE OTHERS.  If ANYONE tries to stop the CHARITY, he has NINE OTHERS TO INTRODUCE!
ONEGIFT4POWER owns a Texas for-profit corporation, called The Clean ENERPOWER Development Corporation, “CEDCO” for short, and THIS MARKETING CORPORATION is OFFERING something that NO OTHER charitable organization o9r affiliate can offer.  Check the website for details. (See First of a Series News Release, “ENERPOWER” released on  February 12 and 13, Trans World News, see web address below, for a complete explanation of this New Science word, Dante coined.)
The time to introduce to the World is NOW, as who can stop a charitable organization from Helping the World, and Helping the American’s pocketbooks, even by the Introduction of intellectual property of a Power Plant that defies science, but Helps the World like nothing ever did generating what the World needs and wants, ELECTRICITY!  ELIMINATES GASOLINE and INTERNAL COMBUSTIONS ENGINES, ALL FOSSIL FUELS, ALL NUCLEAR, biomass, ETC. FUELS!
This is NOT an “alternative “ energy source, BUT A PRIMARY ENERGY SOURCE, FUEL, ENERGY and TECHNOLOGY discovered in 1807 –1856 and re-discovered in 1957!
This has NOTHING to do with ANY OTHER ENERGY or FUEL YOU HAVE EVER HEARD OF, except the 1807, which we are sure very, very, very few in the World know about.
It  was never taught in schools, or colleges, and science chose  in 1847 that it wasn’t possible, so they forgot about it, taught all others to not even think about it, and never taught it.
AND, we offer it FREE to all to read!
The GIFTS secrets include a New Science, that will in fact shake the very foundations of physics,  a PRIMARY “FUEL”, that has been available for eons, that is as cheap and plentiful as dirt,  that only has to be purchased and installed one time and never wears out or is used up,  a  PRIMARY FORM of ENERGY,  plus a PRIMARY  ENERGY SOURCE   heretofore  discovered by science,  but also available for eons,  BUT THEY CHOSE TO FORGET IT, IN 1847,  and a 1964 TECHNOLOGY called “SOLID-POWER”, plus  mechanical and machine design innovation that will rattle the mechanical sciences.  ALL are expected to replace all known fossil and nuclear fuels and some destructive energy sources plus end the dirty internal combustion engines and fossil fueled and Nuclear Electrical Power Plants.
For the first time in history, the Oil Barons, the corrupt governments the rich terrorist countries, that control oil, and are today, using their oil power against the U.S.A., will be eliminated from the U.S.A. and eventually, the World, as this New Science Technology, Fuel, Energy and Energy Source, will replace all OIL, COAL, NATURAL GAS, and NUCLEAR POWER GENERATING PLANTS, and AUTOMOBILES that use gasoline! ALL ELIMINATED FROM THE EARTH! 
ONEGIFT4POWER states that;  what they own will solve the World’s problems of dirty air from fossil fuels used both in automobiles and Electric Power Generation Plants, and unsafe Nuclear energy Power Plants, plus the  rising costs of such, by elimination of all fossil fuels and especially  oil, gasoline, natural gas, and nuclear fuels and the strangle hold all fossil fuels by the oil barons, greedy big oil companies and corrupt governments have on consumers,  plus the stopping of the health problems caused by all mentioned.
It is NOT an “alternative energy” but rather a  PRIMARY ENERGY FORM, “DEVELOPED FREE MECHANICAL ENERGY”,  not manufactured or researched and developed , BUT a RE-DISCOVERED, primary energy, fuel and technology,  discovered in 1964, and given to them by a 72 year old genius, to have them INTRODUCE it to the World, then Market it. 
Dante  has also given them the “first right of refusal” for NINE other Power Plants,  each one totally different.  ONE, the largest POWER developing Power Plant, that could be built big enough to FURNISH ENTIRE STATES WITH ELECTRICITY form just one Power Plant,  called the “DYNALEVER” Power Plant, (see March 13, 14 News Releases for details,) and the balance of the 90% of the Technology, to accomplish other electric power generations like  all Electric, powerful, Automobile Engines, and  huge Electrical Generating Power Plants that go up to and exceed 2080 MW, or double or triple that amount, of electrical power, if one wants or needs this amount.
They have this right, ONLY if they complete the World wide Introduction!
“SOLID-POWER” Power Plants, of any size, generate the CLEANEST, because the fuel doesn’t burn  or is consumed in any way, the CHEAPEST, because the fuel never needs replaced, never, and never wears out, and SAFEST, because it has no negative properties, none, and can even be constructed under school playgrounds or such,   “GREEN POWER” ELECTRICITY ever generated,  and as much as anyone wants and in any square inch of the  Globe wanted.
If one believes in GOD or a divine being,  that GOD will reclaim his pristine Earth, that which he created and gave to humans, but  humans are destroying,  when the World starts using this New Science Technology called “SOLID-POWER”. (Read News Releases of February 22, 23 , 2007, “GOD’S ANGRY”.)
They have a Web-Site,  and everything PLUS much more is written on the site.
YES, Dante wrote a lot of words, BUT it takes quite a lot for some to be COMPLETELY CONVINCED.  PLUS they claim they can offer to their one-time contributors  what no other organization can, when one becomes a friend or partner of theirs.
What they desperately need, besides entities that give huge amounts  of money to charities,  TO COMPLETE THE FUND-RAISING DRIVE, now under way, are the services of any NEUTRAL news media, talk show host, etc., to ONLY DIRECT  like-minded entities to their Web Site and let all those who visit to MAKE UP THEIR OWN MINDS as to joining or not. 
Something radically new and dynamic had to come along to solve all the World’s problems, and they claim this is it.
They have developed a Five Phase Plan that will, in the Phase One, by way of an only one-time fund drive, raise the necessary funds to complete Phases Two, Three and start Phase Four, the Marketing for-profit corporation, that can deal with any entity in the World for any product or service, License or other, means for marketing the GIFT they chose, or to Market  anyone of the other NINE, plus all the technology.
Because they know their will be some who will not readily believe, they have also placed a “CHALLENGE US” on the site, so as any entity or corporation that wants to contribute the highest contribution, can in fact share a secret from the “Pandora’s Box” of secrets held through the years, that make the New Science operate as it does. 
Plus, they have reprinted the discoverers “Don’t Believe Us’  copyrighted booklet, that explains, in brief, the Old Science that made the New Science even possible to discover, some New Science and the CLAIMS the discoverer makes, plus much more.  They claim it will educate even those who are the best educated in the World.
I  THIS TECHNOLOGY WILL IN FACT,  shake the very foundations of Physics,  be a major player in both TRILLION dollar Industries, Electrical Power Generation and the  CLEAN Automobile Industry, plus be a major player in the HUNDREDS of BILLION DOLLAR, FUEL and ENERGY Industries.
They have no competition, World wide, as they are the only one’s given the valuable secrets and the GIFT, plus the other NINE Power Plants and Technology.
They also claim, they will be bombarded by cynics from science, as these are ignorant of the New Science and most even of their own Old Science, which they claim makes it improbable this Technology could even be discovered, ergo the reason, as ONEGIFT4POWER  states, that science missed it throughout the centuries, and the booklet even prints a few who and when they missed it, starting over four centuries ago. 
It was not and still isn’t, according to them, improbable, as it is now sitting on Earth, waiting to be Introduced to the inhabitants of Earth. They claim they can  prove it, but only to the one most important to them, the largest tax-deductible charitable giving contributor!  All others will have to wait until their World Class Experts write the necessary papers for the scientific community to know about.  Remember, they claim the secrets are worth TRILLIONS!
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