Atlanta 9/5/2013 11:47:06 AM
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Refer Me Goes Live in Link My Fan Next to Right Now Posts

Link My Fan’s Refer Me now provides you with a tool to give and get referrals to help grow your customer list.

Link My Fan the social networking content management platform is proud to announce its new addition “Refer Me”.

The best way to acquire new business is through referrals. Link My Fan’s Refer Me now provides you with a tool to give and get referrals to help grow your customer list.  

Since Link My Fan launched the Right Now status update platform in late July, its traffic increased dramatically. LinkMyFan’s Alexa Ranking continues to improve recently breaking through 15,000 in the United States and 100,000 globally.

With the addition of “Refer Me” members can now be referred by members to other Fans or non members of Link My Fan via email. The Refer Me is attached to the individual Right Now post.

The Refer Me is a positive spin for what has been a topic for conversation for review sites where current members have little to no control over their reviews. This lack of content control makes it easy for competitors to go onto a review site and leave a bad review about a competitor without any real verification process.

The difference that Link My Fan brings with Refer Me is; only people that are looking to put people together to do business, endorse a movie, restaurant, yoga class, dance studio, coffee house, lawyer, accountant, dentist, product-- the list goes on, and on, can do it now.  Link My Fan provides a very positive environment ultimately controlled by the member who is being referred.

The member being referred has to approve the Refer Me before it goes live on the web. People sending a Refer Me can see who the member is referring and could be negative if they chose to but the Refer Me still would not go live on the web without the Members approval who the Refer Me is about.

In order to have people refer you on Link My Fan you do need to be a member.  

What better way to spread the word of someone you think the world about or something you love doing or your favorite place to go eat, your favorite yoga studio, even down to your favorite teacher. Now you can actually give them your support by writing a Refer Me about them and sending it off to Fans you have on Link My Fan or to people that aren’t on Link My Fan but you know they would appreciate the Refer Me.

To have a Refer Me written about you Join Link My Fan and start to post some Right Now updates. Share them to your other social networking accounts and ask people to write a Refer Me about you, your film, your cookies, whatever it is you want people to Refer you about.