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World Trader Coffee: African Arabia Produces Some of the Most Remarkable Coffees Ever

Africa Arabia is known to produce some of the most remarkable coffees available. East African countries of Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia produce rich, full bodied coffees with overtones ranging from floral to citrus to fruity. World Trader Coffee is proud to offer special coffees from Cameroon, Kenya, and even the world’s oldest cultivated coffee, the Yemen Mocha Matari coffee.

The Yemen Mocha Matari coffee is renown for its full body, chocolate overtones. This coffee is grown in mountainous regions at moderate altitudes. Only Yemen has genuine mocha coffee, from a small port on the Red Sea of Yemen’s west coast. It is a coffee, strong and rich with a big, beautiful body. It also contains hints Cocoa nibs, cardamom, lavender, and plum. Described as a true “coffee drinker’s” coffee, it has a lingering finish like the taste of a high-quality dark chocolate.

Use of coffee can be traced all the way back as far as the 9th century in the highlands of Ethiopia. According to legend, Ethiopian shepherds first noticed that goats “danced” and became more animated after eating wild coffee berries. Even today, wild and native Arabica coffee are still the primary source of for this historic and exotic coffee. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee is the most famous of Ethiopian coffees, it is grown around the town of Yrga Cheffe. It is known for a thick and rich body, winy acidity and an intense floral, earthy aroma.

Additionally, probably one of the best coffees in the world, from the western highlands of Cameroon, West African farmers are proud to organically produce Boyo arabica coffee. With a pleasing aroma and rich full body that is a trademark of coffees that are grown from the nutrient, rich and volcanic soil and plenty of sunshine the Cameroon Peaberry Coffee is indeed one of the world’s best coffee.

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