Atlanta 9/9/2013 11:43:59 PM
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World Trader Coffee’s Shade Grown Coffee Offers More Robust and Complex Flavors

Shade Grown coffees are often thought to taste better having more robust and complex flavors. The theory is that the long ripening time contributes to these complex flavors. Some of the kinds of coffee that are Shade Grown coffees are Colombian Supremo Andeano Estate Coffee, Nicaraguan Coffee and Costa Rica Peaberry coffee from the Isabella Estate.

Colombian Supremo coffee is known around the world for its pleasant acidity and smooth finish. Due to the Shade Grown coffee process, the Colombian Supremo Coffee is a medium to full bodied coffee with nutty and fruity overtones. The Colombian Supremo coffee is a perfect balance between acidity and richness. It is the perfect cup to start the day with a strong aroma and medium-sweet acidity, a perfect cup to enjoy at any time of day.

Another Shade Grown coffee is the Nicaraguan Coffee. Nicaraguan produces a medium-bodied coffee full of flavor and distinctly less acidic than other coffees from Central America. It is a well-rounded cup of coffee and a nice way to wake up in the morning. The rich and fertile soil comes from the combination of a lakes and volcanoes that are scattered around the country make up a “classic” cup of coffee with great body, flavor and balance.

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