Cleveland 9/10/2013 2:53:44 AM
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Esteemed Inventor and Entrepreneur Remi Swierczek Dubs the Music Industry as the Latest Form of Prostitution

Prostitution is against the law in many states, but according to Remi Swierczek, it happens within the music industry every day. This is the main force behind his new patented invention, Discovery Moment Monetization.

According to inventor and entrepreneur Remi Swierczek, the latest form of prostitution is very prevalent in today’s world and many people throughout the US experience it daily. It is directly associated with the music industry.

Remi just recently launched a website devoted to his new invention and movement, and in one of his blog posts he states how the music industry has been on a steady decline since the late 1990’s / early 2000’s, when revenue was above 40 billion dollars per year. Now, with the various new ways to obtain music for free, revenue has decreased all the way down to 16 billion dollars in 2012.

Remi’s Discovery Moment Monetization offers a compromising solution to the problems caused by services like Shazam, Spotify, SoundHound, internet radio, and other music streaming products which lose potential revenue for musicians on a daily basis. These free services give customers access to all forms of music at little to no cost, and only 1 in 20 of these people go to a reputable marketplace like iTunes to actually make a purchase. The other 19 people continue to use all the free services, or they download the songs for using pirate websites. Instead of the musicians making money from their property and creations, the music streaming services make money from online advertising and web traffic.

Remi believes that there is good news to come out of this situation and that the problem can be rectified, which will return the music industry back to a 40 billion dollar industry, even as quick as the end of 2015. Discovery Moment Monetization, which was developed by Remi Swierczek, is the answer to the important question of “How to put money back into the pockets of the musicians and music industry professionals who have earned it”. Remi is a long time entrepreneur and inventor and currently holds several patents across numerous industries, including a famous patent involving music identification. Remi has studied and monitored the degradation of the music industry over the last decade and is determined to return the once profitable industry back to its prime.

Music professionals interested in speaking with Remi and/or joining his movement can reach him through his website, This website contains more detailed information about Discovery Moment Monetization as well as a blog to keep readers updated on the newest developments and perspectives regarding the music industry.