Columbia 9/11/2013 9:06:31 PM
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Sue McDaniel, Author of I.M. Heart, Releases Video Companion to Self-help Book

Columbia, MO – Sue McDaniel, author of I.M. Heart, a guide to understanding ourselves: our feelings, our actions and our ability to heal, today announced she has released a video companion piece to her inspiring self-help book on her website  

“I.M. Heart is about connecting to yourself,” explains McDaniel. “That is what makes the difference in your relationships with others. I.M. chooses to live from love, first for himself, then with others.”

I.M. Heart’s video can be viewed here:

In the video, we meet I.M. Heart, your most supporting and understanding friend, as he shares his experience and learns to open his heart in a loving way. According to McDaniel, I.M. Heart is the voice within all of us trying to reconcile our feelings with our actions. I.M. Heart invites readers on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, guiding us through the process of personal forgiveness and healing.

McDaniel believes that deep down, everyone can be I.M Heart because everyone feels. I.M. Heart is a role model for everyone, a guide for our difficult choices. I.M. is there for all of us, teaching us how to open our hearts.

“We can choose feelings that come from fear or feelings based on love,” says McDaniel. “I choose love because that’s what I hope others will choose. We’re meant to be compassionate, kind, open, and connected. If enough of us can be like I.M. Heart, it will change the world.”

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