Atlanta 9/14/2013 3:00:00 AM
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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee On Sale at World Trader Coffee

The world famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is available on sale at Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most sought after coffees in world, known throughout for its flavor, acidity, and clean and refined taste. It also is famous for its unusual sweetness, excellent body and intense bold aroma.

Normally, this coffee is is close to $60.00 when bought through other retailers. We already sell ours for less than anyone else and for a limited time, you can get the best coffee in the world for less than anywhere else in the world.

Sir Nicholas Lawes, Governor of Jamaica, was the first person to import Arabica coffee beans from the Island of Martinique in 1728. Jamaica turned out to be the perfect place for coffee production to expand. The mix of rich soil and cool, misty conditions, high rainfall and good drainage combined with expert care and stringent quality control grows the smoothest, richest and best coffee in the world.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is easily one of the highest grown coffees in the world sitting atop the majestic Blue Mountain range in Jamaica. The mountains reach approximately 7,402 feet at the highest peak. Their misty conditions are what is thought to make this coffee extra special much the same way as Shade Grown Coffee is special.

The theory is that the mist delays the growth of the coffee producing a denser and therefore more flavorful bean. No matter what though, this coffee is considered the world’s best coffee for a reason, and has been for a little under three hundred years.

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