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Specialised Mobile Provider Webtel.mobi has once again broken new ground in its global brand marketing campaigns.

By: Susanne Verdonk

Already well-known for implementing innovative brand marketing events that reach global audiences (the Webtel.mobi Viral Video Competition and The Webtel.mobi Intercontinental Challenge), Webtel.mobi has recently broadened its approach to include the international movie sector. It has done this by sponsoring The Webtel.mobi Other Venice Film Festival, thereby informing a new audience of its brand name and telecom services while at the same time assisting people to realize their own ambitions and dreams.

Although implementing the company’s marketing strategies via the movie sector is new to Webtel.mobi, the principles being applied remain the same – these stem from Webtel.mobi’s “Principled Marketing”.

Webtel.mobi’s “Principled Marketing” approach focuses on gaining maximum positive global brand exposure, while simultaneously assisting both participants and viewers of its marketing events to try to realize their dreams - and be inspired. In other words, it achieves its marketing aims while providing assistance to a community too.

This marketing approach mirrors the way in which the company provides its professional telecom service to customers in 240 countries and territories worldwide, as Webtel.mobi’s local, international and roaming services for both calls and texts have been structured in a similarly innovative way. These services have been designed to be easy-to-use, and are deliberately provided at the lowest possible rates with the highest possible quality. With its services provided to North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, Webtel.mobi enables all its customers - including students, businessmen, travelers and other telephone users - to communicate freely and frequently without incurring excessive costs.

This integrated approach of achieving the company’s aims and assisting customers - or in the case of marketing, participants and viewers - is demonstrated in Webtel.mobi’s previous events.

Starting with The Webtel.mobi Viral Video Competition, the company did not just establish world records in the digital marketing space. It also effectively marketed its brand worldwide while all at once gaining goodwill from both competitors and viewers. This was due to its egalitarian approach to the competition entry rules. Video entries were accepted from cell phones and multi-million dollar edit suites alike, and reviewed based on either creative or artistic merit. Although the prize money was the highest in history, it reflected the amount it would have cost Webtel.mobi to make just one professional video.  This approach garnered Webtel.mobi 174 videos for the price of one, it effortlessly beat the previous record-holder Google, and achieved global coverage in the digital marketing sector.

Building on this unprecedented success, Webtel.mobi’s next marketing event was The Webtel.mobi Intercontinental Challenge. This was the first attempted intercontinental flight by man-powered jet wing. Staged to symbolize how Webtel.mobi connects the world through its innovative telecom service by connecting continents through jet wing flight, this event established almost forty world records in marketing and broadcasting. According to the Associated Press, the event was viewed by up to 3 billion people worldwide, and it was the most viewed television event in history. Other than achieving its marketing aims, the event inspired people across the globe by Webtel.mobi’s demonstration of how anything is achievable if one sets one’s mind to doing it.

Webtel.mobi latest marketing initiative - title-sponsoring The Webtel.mobi Other Venice Film Festival – again achieves the company’s aim of obtaining international brand marketing, while concurrently assisting upcoming film directors, screenwriters, actors and actresses to reach for their dreams. It also provides the international viewing public with an avant-garde movie experience. Set in Venice Beach, California, the Webtel.mobi Other Venice Film Festival brings together leading-edge contributors from the international movie industry, and showcases their work to one of the most vibrant artistic communities on the West Coast of America. The event is viewed and followed by a global audience. Through sponsoring the event, Webtel.mobi assisted the artists, the Venice Beach community and a global audience to experience this unique event, as well as obtaining international brand coverage and goodwill for Webtel.mobi.

In a recent media statement, Webtel.mobi’s marketing team attributed their marketing successes to applying innovative marketing concepts with its core philosophy of “Principled Marketing”: “The primary requirement for a successful marketing campaign is combining original concept and innovative thought with in-depth research, planning and professional management. After this, detailed implementation and the involvement of the event’s contributors and viewers are essential factors for success. For Webtel.mobi, “Principled Marketing” means that everyone wins. In other words, although the company achieves its aims of brand marketing, it also gives back to communities, contributors and / or viewers by either assisting them to achieve their own aims, or motivating and inspiring them with one of our philosophies: ‘Great things are achieved by ordinary people who do the extraordinary.’”

With the successful implementation of the latest “Principled Marketing” event, Webtel.mobi is set to continue with its innovative and successful strategies as a mainstay of its marketing activities for the foreseeable future.  Whatever the next “Principled Marketing” event will be, it is certain that – other than effectively projecting its brand image – Webtel.mobi will continue to provide win-win situations, in both its global brand marketing and global telecom services.