Atlanta 9/27/2013 10:42:26 PM
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Link My Fan is Taking Off with New Right Now Features and the Refer Me

New Tools and Resources from Improves Alexa Ranking for the Site

The social networking content management platform, Link My Fan, recently launched the “Refer Me” feature in the Right Now section of the site. Refer Me is a great tool to use to give and get referrals.

With the recent launch of the Right Now status update platform, the Alexa Ranking for Link My Fan has been, to put it bluntly, improving. Alexa is one of the most accurate traffic ranking systems online and therefore is a good indication of the traffic your site is getting. Currently, Link My Fan’s Alexa ranking is 11,488 in the U.S. and 77,653 globally.

The addition of the Refer Me feature, members are now able to refer, and be referred by other members and send them to their Fans and even non-members via email. The Refer Me feature is attached to each individual members Link My Fan account in the Right Now section.

Refer Me is not a review tool. Members on review sites have little or no control over their reviews and while this may seem fair, the fact of the matter is many “reviews” are simply disgruntled customers or even competitors being spiteful. The way Link My Fan has changed the game is by giving only members that are looking to put people together to do business, endorse a movie, restaurant, etc, can do it now. Link My Fan has created a positive environment totally controlled by the member who is being referred.

The member has to approve the Refer Me before it goes live on the site. Until the Refer Me is approved only the member of whom the Refer Me is about is able to view it. If it is negative, derogatory or unhelpful then it does not have to be approved.

The Refer Me feature is going to prove to be a great way to spread the word of your favorite restaurants, movies, or other businesses and even putting friends together that haven’t met yet. All you have to do to start referring members on Link My Fan and putting up your own Right Now posts is Join Link My Fan. You can share your Right Now posts to all of your other social sites leveraging all those years of getting followers and friends and ask people to write a Refer Me about you, your product or your service.