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AxoGen (AXGN) Gets Bullish Review from Seeking Alpha Author

MissionIR would like to highlight AxoGen Inc. (NASDAQ: AXGN), a regenerative medicine company. The company seeks to provide surgeons with solutions to repair and protect peripheral nerves. AxoGen has created and licensed a unique combination of patented technologies and has a rich pipeline of new products to change the standard of care for patients with peripheral nerve injuries.

In the company’s news,

AxoGen, was recently featured in a Seeking Alpha article, in which author Equity Options Guru wrote a continuation of a previous write-up discussing the company’s strong upside based on five key points. To read the article in its entirety, visit

AxoGen is focused on peripheral nerve reconstruction and regeneration with an overarching goal to provide treatment for patients suffering from traumatic injuries or who are undergoing surgeries that impact the function of peripheral nerves. The company’s pipeline includes Advance Nerve Graft – the company’s alternative to autografts; AxoGuard Nerve Protector – used to reinforce a coaptation site, wrap a partially severed or compressed nerve, isolate tissue; and the AxoGuard Nerve Connector – a coaptation aid for close approximation of severed nerve ends.

“The target market for these products is the medical community, specifically surgeons. The above technologies can provide a way for surgeons to reconstruct injured nerves without the comorbidities associated with a secondary surgical site,” wrote Equities Options Guru in detailing the company’s technology. “As such, the market potential is immense.”

Further into his positive review of AxoGen, Equity Options Guru details the company’s diverse pipeline of products and technologies, the stock’s recent uplisting to the NASDAQ exchange, significant insider buying, recent coverage by analysts at JMP Securities, and the company’s strong cash balance and revenue growth.

Among other key points, the author also noted that there are two large institutional holders of AxoGen shares, and highlights JMP Securities Outperform rating and $7 price target on the company’s stock, along with reporting information from a recent research note.

In conclusion, Equity Options Guru opines his bullish take on the company.

“Based on the 5 reasons above, it appears that AxoGen is headed for a bright future. With the recent insider buying and positive analyst coverage, investors should begin to take notice of this significantly undervalued company. And with the recent improvement in the company’s financials, AxoGen should begin to gain more traction in the nerve repair market and help investors reap the rewards of an early investment,” stated Equity Options Guru.

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