Atlanta 10/12/2013 1:04:08 AM
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World Trader Coffee Offers the Finest Coffees in South America

World Trader Coffee offers premium South American coffee from five countries, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The diversity of South America is truly reflected in these premium coffees. From mild and well-balanced coffees to more bold, full bodied coffees, World Trader Coffee has the best tasting coffee in the world because it comes from all over the world.

Take our Supremo Andeano Estate Coffee for example. This Colombian coffee is not your average coffee. It has been grown high on the slopes of the Colombian Andes, and is renown for its pleasant acidity and smooth finish. It is the perfect balance between acidity and richness and holds up to the Supremo name. The taste has been described as balanced and fruity. It presents a strong aroma and is perfect at any time of the day.

Another coffee on sale at World Trader Coffee is the Brazilian Natural Coffee. This coffee is a full bodied coffee that is sweet and low in acidity. Pay close attention and you will likely notice that the Natural coffee has hints of chocolate, caramel and even some fruity overtones. The reason this is called the Natural Brazilian coffee is because its natural quality is astounding. The quality stems from its location in the Santa Terezinha estate. This estate is a model of social and environmental sustainability.

Finally, our newest coffee, the Finco Orango coffee is one of the finest coffees in Ecuador. It is organically and shade grown coffee, which means that it is environmentally aware and it has a medium and mellow bodied coffee with floral overtones and a distinctive, sharp pleasant acidity. This coffee is grown with no pesticide.

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For information on these incredible savings and on all our coffee contact us: Customer Care staff by phone at 877-303-JAVA (5282).